We gratefully acknowledge the original 'Disapproving Rabbits' website, that inspired this site, and its creators, Sharon, Bill, Cinnamon, and Dougal. Without you, we would not be here. We Approve Of You!

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About The Disapprovers

The Disapprovers

About the Disapprovers

Story line came to life sometime on a Saturday in May of 2015. It's hard to tell which Saturday exactly. Saturday posts became a series of photo captions of Renee's critters. Bunnies, cat, ratties and even a hamster.

From photo to photo the little ones became more and more adventurous. They started plotting before we realized it.

With time, their appetite for adventure grew and the rest is history.

All critters are rescues and are being taken care of by Renee Thompson.
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Cast Members - present and past


A young, energetic and adventurous bun. Loves airplanes, astronomy and space travel. Likes to crack a joke when you least expect her. Occasionally enjoys watching and playing football.


Often acting as a "Bunneh In Command", Suzy keeps a birds eye view on her friends anticipating trouble before they get into it. Suzy always stays cool and collected under pressure, like a good bunstronaut would.


Kitty friend of the bunnehs and ratties. Old soul that has seen and done more than cares to remember now. Bruno also keeps an eye on the bunnehs keeping them out of harm's way

Mr. Toes

Veteran of the group and "in relationship" with Abby. Sometimes, Mr. Toes gets called "Major Toes" in reference to David Bowie's "Major Tom". Mr. Toes dreamed all his life of becoming a bunstronaut.


Bunneh "mission specialist".


Ratty friend of all the critters. Engineer by heart, loves to tinker with hardware and software. If it can be hacked, he will.


Another ratty friend and adventure control specialist.


Science Officer and Adventure Logistics Specialist


Ratty friend and adventure control specialist. Often acting as copcom ("capsule communicator"). Monitors the expedition members' vital signs, provides relevant info about the movements and activities of hoomins. Monitors all misssion critical systems.


Member of the Adventure Control and Support, communications specialist.


Rescuee from the lab bust.


Rescuee from the lab bust.


Adventurist, artist, likes metal working and takes well to mechanical engineering.


Friend of Zeus, joined during the bust.


Rescuee from the lab bust.


Rescuee from the lab bust.

Past Members


Original member of The Disapprovers. Crossed the Rainbow Bridge in fall of 2015.


Original member of The Disapprovers. Sadly, Cleo passed away in May of 2015.



Taking care of bunneh, ratties and cat appearing in the story, photography

Mrs. Angie

Story editing, taking care of and catering to Mr. Bun

Ijon Tichy The N-th

Story, site maintenance, taking care of and catering to Mr. Bun

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Image Credit: Hubble Site, The Antennae Galaxies/NGC 4038-4039

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