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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Disapprovers - Itching to Scratch

To explore some more or to go back? We thought about it for a while. Molly broke the silence, "Apollo, how long do we have before the weather turns?"
"Maybe an hour; you need to start thinking about coming back. Trust me, you don't want to get caught in the rain."
We sat in silence for a while longer.
Molly said "I vote and volunteer for a quick look around", drawing out her words slowly.
She looked at us and picked up her vest. "We'll need this line."
She undid the velcro straps holding a coil of line to her vest and started weaving it through the loops at the shoulders and the bottom of her vest.
We watched, no one seemed eager to talk her out of it. Molly started to gear up.
"... so, the idea is that you'll be able to pull me back by the tether, … ok, don't just stand there, help me get this tight..." she carried on, fiddling with the straps.
Abby stepped up and started to pull up the straps.
"... did anybunny bring a headlight?" asked Molly.
We shook our heads.
"Well then, the little flashlight will have to do. Apollo, are you getting the video feed now?"
"Yes, nice and clear."
"Great. So, glove up my friends, just in case you need to clench the line. I'll inch my way in there and I'll clear out some of that 'bouncing' sand, ok? I'm not going to try anything heroic. You let out the line until I get to the front of the hole. Fish me out if something goes wrong, ok?"
Molly tried to turn her head enough to see how the line was doing, but the vest constrained her movement.
"Well, I need a gear check, make sure the line is secure, please. Try to lift me up by the line." She then lay down on the ground and we lifted her up by the line, we tagged on it and shook her a little. It was solid.
"Here, take my water with you, just in case." I said and handed Molly my bottle. She tucked it in.
"Thanks!" said Molly and continued, "ready when you are."
She turned toward the hole and slowly went in. All three of us followed her to the opening and when she started moving in we were letting out the line. It made a faint wheezing sound as it dragged over our gloved paws; whzzzt, whzzzt it went as Molly slowly hopped deeper.
"Wow, I didn't realize we dug this hole so deep..." we heard Molly over the radio. "... time flies when you're digging fun."
The line stopped moving, she was in as deep as she was going to go; we hoped.
"Are you getting this, Apollo?" asked Molly.
"Oh, yeah, a bit dark, but it will do. Molly, be mindful of the clock, the cam light will drain your battery pretty quickly! You'll need some juice for the trip back to the house" said Apollo.
"Wilco!" replied Molly.
"Abby, I think I see the spot. I'm clearing some of the sand away..."
We could hear some muffled scraping sounds as she worked.
"Hm, that's interesting... I'm pressing ... down ... on ... it ... and ... it ... pushes back. I've no idea what it could be. Looks like very fine, tiny roots, woven together. I'll pour some water over it to see if I can get a better view ... hold on ... Toes, the water bottle was a good idea."
We could hear the water splashing over something, her hand made wet, slushy noises.
"You know, if these are tiny roots, I could maybe take a …"
"NO!" we yelled in unison.
".... just a tiny nip, no?....."
"NOOOOO!" we yelled again.
"C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?!?" Molly seethed with sarcasm.
We could hear her paws working the wet sand and whatever it was.
"Well, it sure does look like tiny roots, I got a bit of it all cleared off and water flowed right through it. Hm, let me just look around here for a sec….
Holy hay! Apollo, did you get this?!?"
"Oh yeah!" came back Apollo.
"... ok, Apollo, watch this again …, it reacted to my paw again, look, look, but only if I keep my paw on it for a while! WOW!"
"Come out of there Molly!" snapped Suzy, "... it's time to wrap it up for today!"
"Backing out now, watch the line, please!" said Molly.
Shortly after, we saw her backing out and we were pulling back the line so she wouldn't get her hind paws tangled up.
She was out and she was all smiles, she took off her vest and binkied.
"We need to cover up the entrance for now, but we don't want to fill it in, I promise you!"
"You promise us what?!? asked Abby.
"Oh, you'll see! Hey, Bruno, can you give us a paw here? We need to do something with all this sand!" directed Molly. She was charged to the max.
We worked our tails off from then on. After we plugged the hole and tried to cover up what we've done, we turned and made a b-line for home. The sky was turning first milky gray, then charcoal and bluish black. Rain would be in our favor, dissolving most of the evidence from our outing.
First, we got Molly inside and then helped Suzy up. I went up next while Abby kept a lookout. Finally, we all helped Abby get up and inside. We shut the window; the skies opened up and the deluge began.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...guess it's not the gopher, unless he is wearing springs on his feet and a tangled wig...and Molly wouldn't binky over finding a buried Chia pet...the mystery continues...
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

RG said...

What was it?