We gratefully acknowledge the original 'Disapproving Rabbits' website, that inspired this site, and its creators, Sharon, Bill, Cinnamon, and Dougal. Without you, we would not be here. We Approve Of You!

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How This Started

Once upon a time, Bill and Sharon Stiteler started a site called Disapproving Rabbits

For years we were fortunate to have Queen Cinnamon and Dougal disapprove of us mightily.

Alas, good things come to an end sometimes and few weeks ago Disapproving Rabbits announced there would be no more posts.

Hence we'll try to carry on the legacy of congregating around our buns in appreciation of what they really think of us ;-)


Fleetie said...

Yes, we were all very fortunate to see Queen Cinnamon, and later, Dougal, Disapproving of us, over the years. We saw how cute, intelligent, and full-of-personality rabbits are!

I, like many others, am very grateful for the entertainment and education they gave us, about the wonder of bunnies.

Marc said...

Sad to see DR gone. I'm afraid your rabbit pics are a little tame by comparison.