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Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Espresso and Charlie Update


Greetings, Everybun!

The good news is, Charlie and I are best bunn friends forever again. She's always been the kinder, gentler of the two us and I finally warmed up to her. We loaf together, clean bun another's ears and generally get along exceptionally well. Hoomin took no pictures of us having a breakfast or dinner salaaads because it's around those times and he doesn't fancy blasting us with flash.

Also, hoomin said he had that short, four day week and it felt like eight days. He thanks the tar pits for that. Oh well, he says we help him keep his yapper closed because he reminds himself he needs to do right by us. There you go.

We'll keep you posted,

- Espresso

Saturday, January 20, 2018

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 11

"By the time we were ready for liftoff, Pancake and Molly came back from the storage bay and strapped into their couches. We got off the ground without a problem, and we hit the bottom of the clouds pretty fast, maybe at fifteen hundred feet; their tops were at about five grand. By the time we came up on top of them, we had to start our descent right away, and we plunged right back into the overcast. We descended over the clearing as slowly as we could, and we went out of our way to give everybun on the ground time to get away from under us. After all, there were not just bipeds, but all sort of creatures, and lagomorphs like us. Or somewhat like us. Hopmeric could be there with his warren. I scanned the video streams of the outside, and luckily I didn't catch any welcoming comity. We caused a few brushfires but thanks to the damp, cold air, they died out quickly.
Joey working the dolly Joey zonked out
By the time we touched down, whatever the bipeds had going on there was gone. But the slabs stayed where they were. The rest of the day was just full of physical, hard labor. We had a problem getting the loading dolly started. Joey had to replace one of the power packs because it was corroded and kept shorting and blowing a couple of fuses. The good news was Molly and Penny were back to their usual selves, at least for the time being. Molly did find a strange contraption in the storage bay that let her move about in the air. It had a large round base a bun could stand on, and its control handles were mounted on a tall cylinder. I guess bun could use as a step ladder or something. Maybe you could use it to visually inspect the outside of the ship and things like that. Joey worked the dolly, and Abby and I tried to use the scooter for towing the slabs, but they were just too heavy. So we used it to run the carbon lines to some of the stones so we could winch them close to the ship. Surprisingly enough, we didn't get one visitor. The surrounding woods stayed quiet. When we had landed, we blew away quite a bit of the immediate vegetation. As much as I hated it, it cleared the perimeter around us and prevented things from sneaking up on us.
We managed to arrange most of the slabs before the day's end, and for once, we finished the day early. All we would have left to do the next day was to start standing the slabs up. That would be the difficult part, and we wanted to be rested for it. After securing the ship for the night, we ate supper and watched if anyone would come out of the forest. We were secretly hoping Homeric would show up. Of course, he was probably too smart to be seen in the open. "They" had to have seen us land, but the forest kept its curiosity in check. We made sure the infrared cameras were turned on for the night, and we retired to our sleeping quarters. Only Joey stayed on the deck. He was convinced something had to stick out its neck from behind those trees, and he didn't want to miss it. I thought Abby would dress him down for goofing off when he should be getting proper rest, but she only said, "Sure, good luck with that," and she let him be.
The next morning, I realized why she didn't give him any hard time. Joey fell asleep five minutes into his improvised watch, and he was out cold when we started breakfast.
We congregated around one of the monitors and watched the infrared recording captured overnight. Sure enough, the bipeds showed up. The edge of the woods brimmed with them, and their heat signatures glowed like a sunrise! There had to be quite a few of them to give off this much heat, but only a couple of them approached the ship.
Toes and Abby looking out
Instinctively, we looked outside, but there was no one there, and it was still misty and foggy, so we couldn't see very far. Then, Pancake and Molly started to giggle. We looked at them and expected them to share with the rest of the class what was so funny, but Pancake just waved us off.
Well, we had to get on with the stone business, and so we did. Joey did most of the work this time because only the loading dolly had enough power to lift and move the stones. Molly and Pancake marked up the ground for him to indicate where each stone had to go. Penny and Ava flew the scooter along the perimeter and looked for anything trying to come out of the woods. The fog finally started to burn off, and it seemed like we would have a beautiful day, just perfect for that picnic we had never had. Abby and I stayed on the flight deck and kept a bird's eye view on everything. Abby switched places with Joey in the early afternoon and finished the job.
Mr. Toes
Then, just as we were cleaning up before securing the ship for the night, Ava and Penny sounded the alarm. Some bipeds were coming out of the forest, pushing something toward us!"

Friday, January 19, 2018

Mango and Finn

 Nothing, hoomin, nothing! Keep working on that salaaad, will ya?

- Thank you, Rondi!

PS: You can follow Mango and Finn on their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/mangoandfinn/

Thursday, January 18, 2018


There better be a nice, hot, rumberrini when I get back!

- Thank you, Oona!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hoomin, I'm starving, just look at me! I'm just fur and disapproval here!

Thank you, Alyse and Dave!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Why did you wake me up? Hoomin, it better be better than my nap!

- Thank you, Heike and the Rabbit Gang!

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Monday, January 15, 2018


I did my part, I chinned the table! Now you go and overbunn something, hoomin, will ya? And make sure my salaaaad bowl is full, got it?

- Thank you, Kayla!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Espresso and Charlie Update


Greetings, Everybun!

We had finished the week with the dismantling of Charlie's enclosure in the living room. We are not exactly nose-to-nose best friends forever, but we get along well enough. We are back to enjoying salads together again. The hoomin still makes them for three, even though there's only two us now :-( The hoomin thinks I'm sad and miss Latte, he tells me he does, a lot and all the time.

So, for now, we're trying to make the best of what we got. This morning Charlie and I nomed pellets side by side, then we loafed together. It turns out the Xmas tree is a pretty good snack. Charlie tried it; then I tried it this morning.

We keep getting tons and tons of snorgles and head rubs. I like the most the ones buncle Fleetie send. Darn, they would be better with a pint of dandelion cider!

We'll keep you posted,

- Espresso

Saturday, January 13, 2018

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 10

"It was almost dark, and Joye climbed to stay above the swelling fog. 'Major, what do you make of that, ... that hare?' Asked Joey. Then Abby chimed in as I knew she would, 'You are lucky that you are still in one piece, Major. That could have been a wolf or a wildcat. You're gonna get yours when you get here! What were you thinking?' 'You saw what I saw; you tell me what that was about. We can go over the video recording once we come back,' I tried to brush off their nagging. I opened my visor again and felt the cool, evening air becoming misty. My mouf started getting covered with dew. 'Put it on autopilot and pop your visor,' I said to Joey and shortly after, I heard the murmur of his visor going up. 'Oh my!' Joey exclaimed as he slowed down a little more and climbed a few feet. We were floating above a calm sea of clouds, sprawled out on the ground, too lazy to rise. Even the tops of the tallest of firs were drowning in the rising, featureless deluge of white and gray fluff. Finally, the faint glow of the ship's positioning lights ahead of us tried to break through the fog, feebly bleeding drops of color in the thickening, cloudy soup of early evening.
Joey and Mr. Toes on their way back Mr. Toes and Joey
We slowed down again as we homed in on the ship. The scooter slowed to a crawl as we entered the loading bay. The main hatch closed behind us with a heavy clang before Joey had a chance to shut down the engine. It felt great to be back home. Without saying a word or waiting for anybun, I hopped straight past the flight deck and to the adjacent pantry. I started warming up some chamomile and worked on taking off my helmet. I finally got that thing off my head and tossed it on a rack. I wiped the dew of my mouf; I was soaked. Joey ran in, and I helped him take off his helmet. We both looked like we had our head under a waterfall. We busted out laughing and slapped a high paw. It was nice to forget for a moment about being grown up. We enjoyed that ride back like a couple of rascally kids. I grabbed a hay bar and handed one to Joey.
By the time we came back to the flight deck, everybun was there, even Penny and Molly. They were watching my encounter with the indigenous hare over and over. No bun recognized him. I'm not even sure when or how we decided that it was him and not her. You would think that space travel would offer encounters with strange creatures that are somehow nothing like what we had imagined them to be; instead, you end up in front of a mirror. This business reveals more about ourselves than anything else.
Sudy of young Joey by one of his friends from the days of training at the academy
I was going to ignore the orange hare and open the discussion by stating just how screwed I thought we were, but I bit my tongue at the last second. Instead, I asked, "You didn't pick up any sat signals, did you?" They nodded 'no.' "I have the ship ready to reposition," said Ava dryly, trying to hide her resignation. "We have found a spool of carbon line, and we're working on a winch for pulling those blocks," said Penny. "At least they were keeping busy," I thought. "That's great!" I said, trying to sound encouraging. I added, "Abby, Pancake, anything else?" Pancake announced the first piece of good news since we had landed, "Look, I think we can disable the actuators by retracting all the skids except for the damaged one. This way even the sandstone slabs should be strong enough to support the ship."
We tried to call it a night early, but the conversation turned to the hare once more; we called him Hopmeric, and we stayed up way too late. Afterwards, we didn't even bother pretending to set up a night watch. The bipeds could kiss our thrusters if they could reach them. We would have to get some proper sleep some other night.
Zoomer study
The following morning was a flurry of busy work. To move the ship such a short distance requires almost as much work as going on orbit. At first, we wanted to go into hover mode, plough through the woods, and head straight for the clearing where those slabs were, but Ava suggested ascending above the cloud deck and descending straight down over the clearing. If there were any bipeds around, they would see us come down from the sky. That would give them something to think about and a little myth building couldn't hurt.
'Fry 'em,' interrupted Molly.
Watching Hopmeric, the orange hare
'Anyway,' Ava tried to ignore her, '... let's see how they react. Fending them off would be a lot of work. Who knows, maybe we can get them to help us.' Molly raised her voice, 'Really, Ava? You wanna make a deal with the devil? Do you think they traded with the bears for those skins? Oh, shucks, I wonder what you could get for your hide, Ava?' Abby cleared her throat and thumped gently, 'Look here, Molly, I'm just trying to get us the hay out of here, and whatever I have to do to make that happen, I'm going to do it. If I have to trade with those things, I will. We haven't got the technology with us to 'fix' them! Let's say we could rework their DNA. We can't do that with what we've got. We don't have enough fuel to "fry 'em all" or the means to find each and every one of them! Now, unless you have an idea on how to do all that with what we have, drop it. See what else is in that storage bay next to the power plant.'
We stood there in silence, and I felt for Molly. I had the same urges. Had she an antimatter blaster and went off the deep end to lay waste to the bipeds, I would be right with her. Except, what would be the point?
Mr. Toes
'Um, we could use a few more pulleys, maybe another winch,' Pancake broke the silence. 'Molly, let's see what else is in the storage. You-all don't need us to move the ship, do you?' asked Pancake as she turned toward Molly and gave her a quick rub between the ears. Abby looked around the room and said softly, 'OK, let's move this thing.' The rest of us took our seats, and Abby started on the preflight checklist."

Friday, January 12, 2018


Serve the salaaaad and you may go, hoomin. You better be gone when the carrotini keg gets here!

- Thank you, Alyse and Dave!

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Um, what do you mean there are no cruises to the Nutriberry Island at this time of year?

Thank you, Alyse and Dave!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


What do you mean it's too early to plant cawwots?

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: Spirit has been in the desert warren for 5 years(...). Spirit is an excellent husbun to His beautiful wifebun Bubbles.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


My doughnuts fell over again, pick 'em up, hoomin!

- Thank you, Kayla!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Chocolate and Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray, it looks like, like a .... M*nd*y out there!

- Thank you, Fleetie!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Espresso and Charlie Update

Thank you everybun for all your support these past few days. Twelve months or twelve years - seems to make no difference when the furry ones leave. Nothing makes it any easier. You have been there, and we share your grief, and it is comforting to know that you get what we are going through. That helps with crushing loneliness. Thank you for all your comments and emails.

'Spresser and Charlie are doing OK. Both are eating and are active. Espresso seems to be very agitated since Thursday. He noms everything in sight with ferocity. At the same time, he warmed up a bit toward the hoomins and enjoyed a particularly long session of head-rubs thing morning.

- Ijon

Saturday, January 6, 2018

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 9

"Later that day, we discussed Joey's idea for building a 'dry dock.' The only trouble was, we didn't know what those slabs were made of. If they were granite or basalt, they would support the ship. If that was limestone, or worse yet, sandstone, we had nothing. I wanted to go to the clearing before nightfall and chip off a sample. On one paw, Abby didn't like us going there when it was getting dark, on the other, Joey argued that even though the bipeds were gone, they might come back soon. So if we hurried up, we could be back in no time. Out of nowhere, Pancake showed up and handed me a hammer and a chisel, 'Here, suit up and go, you won't go anywhere after sunset.' Molly groaned, 'If we land there and incinerate everything, spectroscopy will tell us what kind of stones we got. But you have to burn it good and slow!' Molly drew out her words ominously. Finally, Abby had enough, 'Oh, will you snap out of it already? Get a grip, or we are all done for, got it? Can you maybe try to figure out where we are or run another check on sat nav signal? Can you do that?' We all looked at Molly troubled. I hoped she would come out of that sooner rather than later. We would need all the help we could get.
Joey and Mr. Toes leaving on a scooter
Joey and I hopped on that rusty old scooter and off we went. Abby mounted a couple of extra cameras on its frame so she and Pancake could keep extra eyes on our surroundings. Bun only knows what else lives in those surrounding woods. There could be wolves, foxes, badgers perhaps and we had to assume they wouldn't be too friendly. That's when it hit me that we probably wouldn't be going into the forest to sample any wild greens or berries. Good Bun, now we were the fresh morsels! I barely got up on the scooter."
I paused the story and turned to Zoomer. "You know, it's hard to do anything when your legs turn into rubber." Zoomer didn't say anything; her nose just kept twitching nervously, and she was still with me, so I carried on.
Zoomer study
"I strapped in behind Joey and got a death grip on his suit. Joey turned his head back and gave me a confounded look. I snapped, 'You wanted to fly so fly!' 'Rog!' mumbled Joey and accelerated out of the loading bay toward the biped compound. I brought up the map display on my visor. Since we had landed, our ship started to construct a map of the surrounding area, so at least we had that much going for us. We knew the distance and headed to the clearing.
'You're looking good; all clear between you and the target,' said Pancake. In my helmet, she sounded as cool and collected as if she were working another simulator exercise. 'Two minutes to the stones,' added Abby. This time we flew just above the treetops. Tall firs blurred under us. The sky to the west was turning milky dark blue, and the bottoms of the trees were starting to disappear in the ground fog.
Suddenly, the trees were behind us, and we were over the clearing. Joey made a quick circle over the area; it looked abandoned. We landed on the nearest slab, and before Joey settled down on it, I was out of my seat, hammer and chisel in paw. 'Hurry up now!' I heard Abby again. The surface of the slab looked clean. I ran my paw against it and felt the rough stone, recently broken off from the strata of its mother. 'Looks like basalt!' I said putting down a patch of adhesive plaster on the surface. I put the edge of the chisel against it and struck it's handle with the hammer as hard as I could. I peeled off the plaster and folded it and hid it in my suit's pocket. I was back on the scooter and said 'Let's check out a few more.'
Visitor and Mr. Toes
I thought they looked like the same material, but when I scraped the surface of one of the rocks, a chill ran down my spine, 'This is sandstone!' 'Copy that, check another one,' came back Pancake. I wobbled over to the scooter and awkwardly climbed in, "Let's go to that one ...," I tapped Joey on his shoulder and pointed to the next slab. We got lucky there; it was basalt. The one after that gave me stomach cramps again: more sandstone. I stayed calm and collected, stated my findings and went through the dance of communicating back and forth. We recited this funeral playbill and pretended it's not ours.
'How are we looking?' I asked. 'Still clear,' came back Pancake. I had to pause for a moment and opened my visor. The cold, damp air washed over my mouf. It smelled great! The aroma of fresh fir was intoxicating. That's what fresh air is supposed to smell like! I kept still and over the quiet hum of the scooter I could hear an owl in the distance. Something howled, then silence took over again. Some birds started an argument before bedtime. It was getting dark.
Mr. Toes
Suddenly, I felt, or sensed, some paws landing on the stone slab! My mind really must have wondered off because the next thing remembered was somebun staring right at me! A tall, brown and rich orange hare sat at attention a couple of hops in front of me. He was tall and lean and had long, pointy ears as I have never seen before. Not a stitch draped his body. His piercing eyes locked with mine. After a moment, he leaned forward, twitched his nose and tried to get a better smell of me. I remained frozen in place. 'Oh, my! Toes ...' I heard Joey whisper as he must have realized what happened. The hare rose up on his hind legs and leaned forward some more. I heard some murmurs coming from the flight deck; they had to be in as much of a shock as I was. The visitor continued to sniff, and I did not dare to move! He then relaxed and sat back, blinking a couple of times, probably satisfied that I posed no danger to him. He then turned around, hopped off the slab, and disappeared somewhere in the swelling ground fog. I moved to the edge of the slab, trying to see where he went, but I only saw a faint trace of a wave in the fog and lost track of him.
"Major, what are you doing?" queried Joey. "We have to go!" Abby snapped me out of my stupor for good. "I see some torches. Five o'clock and moving toward you, about a mile away!" I was behind Joey in a blink as he gave it all he got. I almost flew out of my seat.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Binky Free, Latte

Greetings, Everybunny!
Yesterday morning we have lost Latte. We took her to the vet because the pus in her leg returned. They cleaned it up again under anesthesia, and all seemed well as Latte was coming out of sedation. That's when she went into cardiac arrest. The staff attempted CPR, but it was unsuccessful.
We are heartbroken, and eyes are constantly leaking.
- Espresso, Charlie, Angie, and Ijon.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


 Hoomin, now I want a willow tree, with cawwots and berries. And cawwots!

- Thank you Mellissa and Collected moments - Bunnies

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Hoomin, what's wrong with your paw? It stopped rubbing my head!

- Thank you, Fleetie!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hoomin, why the M*nd*y smell on a Tuesday? How's that medicinal carrotini coming along?

- Thank you, Monica!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hoppy New Year, Everybunny!

Hoppy New Year, Everybunny!

Wishing you a safe and wonderful holiday and all the best in the new year!

We started the year with extra treats and lots and lots of headrubs. Charlie must have had a one too many last night and needed extra sleep this morning. Sigh...

- Espresso