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Friday, June 30, 2017


Shame on you, hoomin! Making me beg for craisins first thing Friday morning. Just give me the bag, will you!

- Thank you, Mary Anne!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Honey and Hudson

 You've got to double the nanners, hoomin. That doesn't even look like a bribe!

- Thank you, Ellen!

PS: Ellen says, "My Bridge Angels, Honey and Hudson, in 2008. I miss these two! Double disapproval here, and then some. I'm sure they'd had enough with the camera by this point!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Finn and Mango

It's not a stink eye, it's a side eye. A no Wednesday morning breakfast carrotini side eye!

- Thank you, Rondi!

PS: Follow Mango and Finn on FB at https://www.facebook.com/mangoandfinn/

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


... psst, do I need one or two feet of dirt to grow an indoor savanna?

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: Ken says, "This is one of the first pictures of Spirit in his forever home. 4 ½ years later he is doing great, with wife bun Bubbles and everything. Spirit is a much loved bunny, rescued by Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue on Spirit street. Yes, he was a bun from the streets, tough but cool."

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hurry up! Bring the treats 'cause I have to scram. I don't want to see that M*nd*y thing again.

- Thank you, Chris!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Espresso Update

Greetings Everybunny!

 This is me before today's flight in the baftub with Charlie. Well, today, no bun came out of that one grinning. When did this a few days back it was a different story, and we have pretty well. You just don't know sometimes. Today, we both ended up getting agitated, and Charlie was snapping at everything and every bun.

I have a sense we'll carry on as we were into the next week, and I promise we'll keep you posted.

- Espresso

Saturday, June 24, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Retrofire, Pt. 25

When the airlock finally opened, a couple of the news buns started to work on Dr. Hopnom. As soon as they took off his helmet, somebun secured a portable respirator mask over his mouf. They took off his suit and moved him to the medical station. Freddie and Penny got out of their suits and stowed them away. Freddie took a quick look at the bottom section of Hopnom's suit and could barely resist the urge to stick his head down into one of the legs. He delicately held the piece by its outer layer of fabric and slowly turned it around; inspecting the locking seal. He did the same with the upper torso section, and again, had to resist diving in to hide in there. The CO2 scrubber warning light was still blinking. Finally, they grabbed all the pieces of Hopnom's suit and floated with them toward the med station. That's where everybun seemed to congregate. Freddie would start on a more thorough inspection of the suit after things settled down a bit.
Extracting Dr. Hopnom Freddie, looking over the suit
Mel, Hopper and I had oxygen masks on, and we were breathing in an antidote for the tranquilizer. Abby told me later that Mel and Hopper came to first, but I had to take my sweet time."She laughed nervously and said that maybe I enjoyed it. Dr. Hopnom wasn't well at all. They got him breathing on his own again, but that's all they could do for him right now.
At last, I got to see Abby. They told me she hadn't left my side since I arrived on the ship. She got me a fresh, blue suit to put on, and I ditched the nasty hospital scrubs we used as a "disguise." A lot of good that did us. Rhea finally got to interview Hopper and Mel. My guys looked as gallant in their new garbs as if they were the first bunstronauts returning from a moonwalk or something. Good for them; they've earned it. I would have my turn at the mic later. I was still groggy and nauseous. Abby helped me to her small cabin and wrapped me in a blanket. Her temporary quarters smelled of mint and basil. She fixed a pouch of freshly crushed herbs into one of the air vents, which made her place feel and smell like home. We didn't talk much. She was just glad that I returned in one piece from this near disaster. She held me tight. I thought we would have plenty of time to talk later.
At that moment, the news ship was heading back to the Repair Hub. Abby said the news buns wanted as much of our story as possible to be out in the open before they would dock with anything. They were able to send the broadcast feed masquerading as maintenance data to a couple of compromised weather and relay satellites. Those, in turn, would send out the information as telemetry. Finally, the news buns' cohorts and partners in resilience would decode and distribute it as normal data. When the news of our return broke, it reached a level of critical mass so fast it could not be effectively countered or put back in the bottle. The powers that be had to roll with it, whether they liked it or not.
Abby Joey
While Mel and Hopper kept recounting what had happened on the Behemoth, Freddie got down to more detailed diagnostic work on Hopnom's suit. He connected it to a terminal and tried to figure out why the air purifier went off-line. Freddie knew the suit wouldn't tell him everything, but it might offer some clues. He made a virtual backup of the suit's system and started looking at the logs. One thing that jumped out at him was the fact that no bun did any pressure checks before the last use of the suit. Of course, how Dr. Hopnom ended up floating in space remained the bigger question, yet to be answered. Was it his idea to physically jump ship or did somebun help him?
Freddie found the reset switch for the scrubber unit and cycled it. The warning light turned off. The CO2 scrubber worked fine; just no bun turned it on. He shrugged and said, "Nothing wrong with that part. The whole thing is old and had seen brighter stars, but it's fundamentally okay; they guy just didn't initialize it properly." He thought, "It sure looked like somebun unqualified attempted to use that suit." He recalled how Penny got flustered after meeting the Doctor.
"Maybe he grabbed it in a hurry; it doesn't look like he knew what he was doing. I told you he seemed very lost when I last saw him on that ship. I knew he was pretending to be a regular crew member!" said Penny.
News bun floating through
Then again, if somebun tried to get rid of Hopnom and wanted to make it look like an accident, it almost worked.
As Freddie kept staring at the logs, he could see and hear the two news buns attending to Dr. Hopnom a little farther down the tunnel. They had the Doctor connected to a terminal and were transmitting his biometrics to the medical staff at the Repair Hub. Freddie wasn't listening on their loop and could only overhear the news buns. He overheated something about the nano-regeneration procedure while waiting for the Doctor. Freddie nodded and thought to himself, "Indeed, that would be the only feasible next step if Hopnom were to tell them anything."
The therapy would involve a solution with a swarm of specialized carbon nanotubes. Those would circulate through Hopnom's brain tissue and attempt to repair and reconstruct Hopnom's damaged neural networks. Most likely, the therapy would not restore all the connections, but in the end, Hopnom would almost be as good as new. But, it may be even worse; some connections would be stronger than they were before the accident. He might even remember more than he would want to. Would he really care to recall that bully from preschool that used to break his glasses?
Mr. Toes
Freddie made a quick mental note: "Check who prepared the swarm solution." The swarm could just as well selectively wipe out everything from Hopnom's memory connected to the Behemoth, Mr. Toes, and the near tragic suit incident or it could turn him into a boiled carrot.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Ice, hoomin. Make sure you get extra ice for the carrotinis. It's hot out there, we've got to play it cool, capiche?

- Thank you, Mark!

PS: Kiwi hopped over to the Rainbow Bridge last fall. We miss him dearly.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


No, wait, something's missing here. Nutriberries fell to the bottom again, right?

- Thank you, Chris!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Oh, don't you worry your sorry hoomin head. I'll come up with something, just give me a second..., still thinking, OK?

- Thank you, Emily!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Penelope (wht) and Charlie (blk)

"I don't know, hoomin. You can talk to one of my foots or my bum."

 "He's just cranky; a nannerini usually turns him around, you know."
- Thank you, Chad!

Monday, June 19, 2017


I'm not coming out until that M thing out there is gone!

- Thank you, Melissa!

PS: Follow Cinamon and Jake on their FB page at Jake & Cinamon!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Espresso Update

Greetings Everybunny!

You wouldn't believe the piles and stacks of paper we find in this place. When I get caught, I tell them Latte made me do it on a dare. Don't worry; she returns the favor.

On the the-way bonding front, we are still on the plateau. We fly the baftub, and all's well. But then one day the hoomins decided to serve all three of us a salaaaad on a single big plate. Hm, that didn't work out so great. Everybunny decided to protect their turf, even if it wasn't their turf. Confusing, I know. Everybun got flustered. Sigh ..., we'll fly the baftub some more I guess. Of course, we'll keep you posted.

- Espresso

Saturday, June 17, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Retrofire, Pt. 24

For a second, Freddie stared blankly at the three faces peeking in through the window in the door. All three wore head cameras, and one of them was talking nonstop about something. Then it clicked. It was Pancake, Molly, and somebun he didn't recognize. Freddie went for the door, tears pooling in his eyes. He found the door release handle by feel. The salty puddles in his eyes grew too big to be held in place by surface tension and started to break away. When the door opened, he pulled himself forward and crashed into Pancake. He tried to wrap his tiny paws around her neck. Molly got a nosebonk from Penny. The third bun was named Rhea; she was one of the news buns, and she kept narrating the encounter for a continuous live broadcast.
Rhea Ava
Pancake put her right paw around Freddie and squeezed him tightly as she floated into the room. She released Mel from his seat and pulled his body into the open. He was out cold and unresponsive. She pulled the tranquilizer dart from his neck and looked at the label on the ampule. Well, Mel had a good few hours of deep slumber ahead of him, but nothing more. The same was true for Hopper and me.
Penny grabbed Mel by his collar, and Pancake and Molly took hold of Hopper and me respectively. They got out of the room with us in tow as quickly as they could and headed for the safety of the news ship. They barely made it into the airlock when the ship separated from the hospital and started turning around. All the while Rhea continued to call the play-by-play commentary of the evacuation in progress.
She had many questions, but at the moment only Penny could speak. Freddie must have turned into a marsupial as he refused to let go of Pancake and kept his head buried in the fur under her chin.
Pancake & Freddie Joey
To everybun's surprise, the sensors on the ship picked up a personal distress signal. It came from somewhere nearby and turned out to be so close that the crew had a hard time believing it. Somebun was free-floating in space on the other side of the hospital module they had just left behind.
"Whoever is the closest to being suited up, you're doing the EBA! Engineering, get the Roach ready!" ordered the ship's commander over the intercom and swore like a space sailor. A couple of the news buns scrambled and gathered around Penny and Pancake. Freddie was still holding onto Pancake for dear life. Unflappable, Rhea continued to roll with the changing situation and calmly carried on with her commentary.
"You two, could you get your helmets on?" asked a news bun, signaling to Penny and Freddie. "We will help you get the Roach ready, and you will have to retrieve the survivor," another one said. They didn't care much for Freddie's panic attack. Penny got on with completing her suit up. Pancake whispered to Freddie, "Look, take how you feel right now, squeeze it into a little ball and put it in my pocket. I'll keep it safe for you, and you can have it back when you have finished this chore." She accentuated "you have finished this chore" just ever so slightly. After a second, she felt Freddie take a deep breath as he picked up his head, looked at her and slapped her on the arm, right on one of her pockets.
Penny Ava
Freddie pushed off and looked around for his helmet. Molly snacks up behind him and put it over his head.
In the bay next to the airlock, the news buns were loading propellant cartridges into the Roach, a long, pill-shaped probe. It had small thrusters at both ends, and the buns were attaching handlebars to it. The handlebars also served as antennas. No bun was sure who, or when, first started calling it the Roach. It was a simple and tough vehicle able to survive in the harshest of conditions the chores that space had to offer. Core meltdowns, toxic spills, overheated particle accelerators did nothing to it. It always came back unscathed. You could couple it with specialized modules, for example, if you wanted to purify the contents of a liquid disdanium tank or inspect an about-to-melt combustion chamber after an emergency shutdown.
Now the ship was changing its course trying to get close to the sorry sod floating somewhere in the darkest of darkness.
Penny & Freddie
The telemetry from the survivor didn't reveal anything personal, but it told a grim story. The levels of CO2 were close to fatally high. At least they had a rough idea as to what kind of medical help the survivor would need. The news buns moved quickly to stage the essential equipment next to the airlock and to get it ready. For all they knew, this could already be a recovery and not a rescue mission. But the buns didn't care. They were all sure of one thing: no bun, or badger for that matter, would be left behind to freeze-dry in the void. Only Freddie worried it could be a setup. All the same, he followed Penny into the airlock.
Once inside, they hooked up the tether cable to the Roach. The line also served as a control wire for the probe. The news buns helped to mount the Roach on a rail for launch and got out of the airlock. Penny depressurized the chamber and opened the big hatch. Penny stood too close to the open space, and her paws tingled with sparks. She and Freddie stood clear of the Roach as Freddie pulled the red handle and softly launched the probe into space. When it cleared the ship, the Roach started to home in on the survivor.
All the while, the news ship kept moving toward the creature in distress, but everybun had hoped the probe would snag the drifter first and bring him or her aboard. Maneuvering a craft the size of the news ship is a tedious and challenging affair on a good night. Everybun on the flight deck watched with apprehension as the probe closed in on the stranded bunstronaut. When it got close enough to the survivor to reach it with its grabber arm, it extended a spindly appendage with a bunch of fingers that could grab onto anything, like the toes of a gecko.
Mr. Toes
The arm gripped the survivor on its first attempt, and the flight deck erupted with cheer. Now Penny had control of the ship and started to retract the probe's tether line. They were lucky the commander was able to bring the craft almost to a standstill until they finished the retrieval. Penny watched as the probe got closer and closer to the airlock. She kept her paw on a joystick, ready to adjust the craft's orientation if it looked like the survivor would get whipped around and smashed against the hull of the ship. But the line kept steadily retracting. Toward the end, she had to make only two small adjustments, and she felt the violent shudders of the vessel's body as the RCS thrusters thumped the ship like battering rams. Whoever they were fishing out of the deep space was almost inside. As all of the tether line retracted into the floor, it secured the probe in place inside the airlock. Freddie immediately threw the handle to close the hatch.
The time it takes the airlock to pressurize always feels long, but this time it felt like an eternity. Penny glanced at the freshly rescued stranger and then stared at him for a long while; her nose twitched. She looked at Freddie with dread in her eyes and said, "This is Dr. Hopnom!"

Friday, June 16, 2017


You said we're starting on the berry greenhouse today!

- Thank you, Gabrielle!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Poppy (L) and Hattie

Really? The nutriberries are out of season? ... and they were out of raspberries too?

- Thank you, Fleetie!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


So what happened to my herbal hay? Now I'll have to take my herbs with a raspberrini again.

- Thank you, Monica!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Oh, I see, you planted those invisible nothing-berries again, didn't you?

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Call me on Tuesday, will you hoomin? And I'm ready for a proper salaaaad in bed!

- Thank you, Audrey!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Charlie Update

Greetings Everybunny!

I took over the couch here. Snacks were served, of course.

I logged a few flight in the bafatub this week. Yesterday we did a couple of "Gemini" style ones - crew of two. I did one with Latte and one with Espresso. We did very well! Latte groomed me! Hoomins were thrilled. Even Espresso and I got along pretty well.

We'll keep you posted.

- Charlie

Saturday, June 10, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Retrofire, Pt. 23

The commander of the resupply ship made several attempts to dock with the hospital and then gave up. The hospital oscillated beyond what the docking computer could handle, and the entire fiasco put the commander on edge. He started snapping at his pilot for no good reason at all. Freddie spoke up from the rear of the flight deck about using the flex-dock from the hospital. The commander looked taken aback. It took him a moment to process the idea, and then he snapped at Freddie to have at it and ordered his crew to the cargo bay. They had to get the cryo-pods prepared for transfer to the hospital.
Mel Pancake & Molly
During the brief shuffle on the deck, Freddie turned to Penny and asked her to rummage for a tranquilizer gun in the corpsbun's medical supply locker. Freddie's bad feeling about this adventure worsened. He wondered about the crew of this ship. The fact that he had to tell them about the flex-dock completely sunk his mood. To him, they looked more and more like a bunch of mercenaries. But he kept his cool and started to reposition the ship a few meters to his left to line up the vessel with the flex-dock. Freddie watched as the hospital module moved up and down, like a ship in heavy seas. He activated the flex-dock and watched on a monitor how a large tube with a docking collar extended toward the ship. The collar sensed the location of the docking station, and with the help of small thrusters kept itself steady relative to the ship. Then a gentle shudder went through the craft as the collar made contact with the hull and stuck to it like a leech. Slowly, it worked its way precisely to lock onto the craft's dock. Freddie watched how the tube connecting the ship with the hospital flexed and waved. After another moment, the ship signaled it had a clean seal with the flex-dock. Curiously enough, a moment later, the monitor showed the hospital module had stopped bopping up and down. Somebun had stabilized it, and Freddie wondered who.
The commander growled at Freddie and ordered him to go to the cargo bay. Freddie froze in place. Then, a loud noise from the intercom filled the flight deck and spooked everybun, even the commander. They heard somebun pleading for evacuation assistance. Freddie didn't know it was Mel. He figured out that it was the S.O.S. signal from the hospital, but he had no idea it was coming from the module where Mel, Hopper, and I were hiding. In the next instance, Freddie recognized my voice yelling something.
The commander moved toward Freddie, but before he could get much closer, his eyes glazed over and he became motionless. From behind the commander's limp body emerged Penny. She was holding a spent tranquilizer injector. Her paw was shaking, and her mouf trembled. The still body of the commander floated ever so slowly toward Freddie, and he gently pushed it to the side.
Somebun in the hospital still had a stuck mike, and the sounds of the scuffle continued to fill the flight deck. Finally, the fight died down, and an unfamiliar voice declared that the auxiliary command station of the St. Cinnamon's hospital was secured, and the three "patients" were neutralized. Freddie pushed off from his seat and moved toward a control panel of the cargo bays. He punched in a command on a keypad to display a video stream from the cargo bay. The crew was almost done getting the cryo-pods ready for transport to the hospital. They untied the last pod and were ready to move. Freddie prepared the code to blow out the cargo door of the bay and paused. For a while, he pictured everybun getting sucked out into the void of space. Cryo-pods, badgers, and rexes, all would be gone in a matter of seconds. He wondered if he really wanted to go through with this. Freddie couldn't get the sound of the fight in the hospital out of his mind, especially the silence when the fight was over.
Yep, he was ready to execute the command.
Joey Hopper
Penny noticed what was going on, floated to the panel, and hit the "cancel" button. She grabbed Freddie by the paw and dragged him away and toward the EBA suit locker. Now, Freddie felt numb and was glad to follow her orders. He slipped into a generic, dirty suit and Penny helped him put on a helmet before starting the pressure check routine. Then she suited up herself and grabbed a bale of tether line. ***
What Penny and Freddie heard on the flight deck was the ending of our attempt to take over the auxiliary command station of the hospital. It had all started well enough. We encountered no bun on our way to it, and we let ourselves become convinced that this module was abandoned or already evacuated. As soon as we got to the control panels, Mel initialized the breakup of the station. The hospital was reaching a breaking point, and the automated safety system would trigger the modules to separate from each other anyway. We just didn't want to wait for it. If the security squad was coming for us, we would make them work and pay for closing every inch of distance between them and us. Hopper and I got to work on the radio. We couldn't transmit, and it took us a while to realize that the communication system was already locked down; we had to crack it. We finally got the S.O.S. broadcasting again, and we requested evacuation assistance.
We were so absorbed in the radio work that none of us saw the two badgers sneak into the control room. Poor Mel. He was strapped into the seat as he tried to stabilize our module. Until he did that, no ship could dock with us. They got him first, with a tranquilizer in the neck.
They almost got Hopper too, but the badger missed. I lunged toward the riffraff and took a good swing at his lower belly with my flashlight. The badger groaned and folded in half. Hopper got him in the head with a helmet. That's when Hopper caught a dart in the leg from the second badger, but before he passed out, he pitched his torch at the dude and got him right between the eyes. Again, I took a swing at his noggin with my flashlight and cleaned his clock. I think I cracked his bell. I closed and locked the door to the room. Thinking the place had to be safe now, I turned around to check on my guys. I felt a little sting in my back. It made no sense! I'm still not sure how we lost track of the third badger or even if we ever saw him. I got so sleepy ...
Mr. Toes vs the badger Molly & Pancake Joey
At about the time I went down, Freddie and Penny tried to leave their ship and rushed off to the airlock and the flex-dock collar. Freddie held on to one end of the tether line, and Penny made her way across the dock to the hospital side. Freddie released the supply ship from the dock and triggered the maneuvering thrusters ever so gently to push the ship away from the hospital. By now, every bunny working in the cargo bay had to have realized that something was amiss. Freddie took out a tube of welding epoxy from a pocket on his suit and applied a healthy dollop of it to three of the twelve docking latches on the outside of the airlock. With the joints of those latches welded shut, the airlock was useless. As the gap between the supply ship and the hospital grew, he pulled himself by the tether line into the flex-dock. Freddie worked as hard as he could to cover the short distance to Penny. Once he made it safely across, they released the flex-dock from the hospital and pushed it away.
Once inside the hospital, Freddie and Penny carefully moved toward the control room. Since they didn't know if or how many security personnel were still in this module, they moved slowly, hyper alert for any signs of trouble. They heard a dull clank and felt the module gently shake. Freddie's heart sunk. Something docked, but he had no means of checking who and thought it was the supply ship commencing abordage. Freddie had hoped that he had gotten Penny and him more time than this.
"Don't stop now, Freddie!" yelled Penny. "We can seal the control room and depressurize the module. Let's just hope that they get out of their pressure suits, whoever they are." Penny tried to cheer him on.
Freddie and Penny snuck up to the control room very quietly. They peeked inside through the door window, and there he was the third badger. He was tying Toes and Hopper together. Penny armed her tranquilizer gun and took aim through the window. Freddie opened the door, and Penny pulled the trigger. Freddie held onto her as she started to float back from the recoil. The surprised badger turned around and pushed off toward Penny, but it was too late. By the time he reached the door, he was in no shape to inflict anything on any bunny. His limp body hit the door and slowly bounced back.
Mr. Toes
Penny and Freddie got into the room and sealed the door. Freddie looked for a console, trying to identify what had just docked with the module. After a moment, he yelled, "Look at this! It's not the supply ship." But Penny had no time to pay any attention to him. She was busy untying Hopper and Toes. "That's good. Now, give me a paw here, will you?" asked Penny. Freddie floated over, and she pointed to the seat where Mel sat, unresponsive. Freddie floated over to him and checked his pulse. The guy was OK. He was just out cold.
Then, somebun was banging on the window, and it was Penny and Freddie's turn to jump and almost suffer heart attacks.

Friday, June 9, 2017


TGIF my foot, hoomin! Do you mind? It's Friday and I have to work. Disapproving Bun needs help with disapproval so I'm stepping up, again.

- Thank you, Melissa!

PS: Cinamon and Jake have a FB page at Jake & Cinamon!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jaspurr, Mango and Finn

Yeah, I can get you that, but it's gonna cost you guys.

- Thank you, Rondi!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


 So, you don't know how the pineapples turned into rocks?

- Thank you, Monica!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Lookout? I'm not on a look out. I don't know what you're talking about, OK? What pick? Where do you see a pick?

- Thank you, Isandra!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Cinamon and Jake

Let's make her M*nd*y special. I know where she hid her new shoes.

- Thank you, Melissa!

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