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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Honey and Hudson

 You've got to double the nanners, hoomin. That doesn't even look like a bribe!

- Thank you, Ellen!

PS: Ellen says, "My Bridge Angels, Honey and Hudson, in 2008. I miss these two! Double disapproval here, and then some. I'm sure they'd had enough with the camera by this point!"


Anonymous said...

Precious bunnies

sallyneary said...

I can't see this photo or Spirit's, even though I was able to see his photo last night. I wonder what is causing this? Do you think the disapproval is so intense that it is blinding me?

RG said...

These look like they were a pair of no-nonsense bunnies!

SN - you may need double strength dark glasses and one of those peep-hole things you watch an eclipse with. (Or call you IT guy! - oh - have you checked your cable wires for "nip" marks?)

sallyneary said...

Now I can see them, and they are spectacular. It looks like Honey conveyed her disapproval to Hudson, who relayed it to the hoomins while leaning protectively against her.