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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Oh no, you're not watching me, I'm watching you!

- Thank you, Rachel!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I was having a great hair day! Better than yours, anyway.

- Thank you, Gabrielle!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Go away, Tuesday, go away! You feel like a M*nd*y!

- Thank you, Monica!

Monday, March 28, 2016


 Um, what do you mean you don't have to go to the tar pits? You've got what? Easter M*nd*y off? Lucky for you and head rubs for me! 

- Thank you, Merle!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hoppy and Happy Easter Every Bun!

Mikey: You put something in the bananas, didn't you?!?

Tinsel: I thought my pellets tasted funny! How dare you!

- Thank you, Gabrielle!


Mr. Bun Update :-)
Doing fine, enjoying a day off and waiting for snurgles. Hoomin said he has no plans for today other than administering head rubs and such, for as long as I can stand it!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Disapprovers - Pot Belly Stove

Last Week on the Disapprovers: The crew decide to name the mystery substance Singularia and discus 'her' connection with the derelict spacecraft. They muse on the nature of the beings connected with the ship and the absence of any armaments on the vessel.
As Zeus and Mila continued to pack for their outing, we gathered around Frankie. He said we had to listen to Molly. She told us about the place she visualized and visited when she, Zeus and I explored the mystery substance we now call Singularia. A long time ago, a friend told her about the ordeal she survived at a test lab. I felt a horrible squeeze in my gut, and the hair on my back started to raise. Molly told us the story in a quiet voice, gazing at something in the back of the room. She spared no details. From time to time, she would pause and nervously try to wash her face with both paws. According to her, the lab was still there, humming along as always, never running out of clients. She asked if we could do something. Could we bust the animals out of there? Zeus stopped whatever he was doing and sat down. He was slowly peering into each of us.
Molly Zeus
I hated it. Maybe it was just me, but I felt like Zeus was asking each of us, "So what are you made of?" I hoped he would drop his look and go back to packing. I wish I had never gone into the artery and never "met" Singularia. I hoped everybun around me would decide, right here and now, that the whole idea is just ridiculous, and we need to forget about it. I hoped they would agree that we were finally talking about something way above our pay grades, and there's no sense in even discussing it.
My other voice, the tiny and very quiet one, only waited for my rage and fear to run out of steam. I felt my resignation bubbling up through me and closing above my head. I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into it. The little voice whispered, "Yeah, we're gonna go for it, aren't we, we're gonna bust them out."
"Sounds like you've gotten yourselves into one heck of a logistics nightmare! You better get busy. Feeding coordinates to Singularia so you can play tourists just became a minor part of this adventure, didn't it?", said Frankie.
I was fuming again at Molly. Oh, why did she have to go there?!? Why didn't she visit some organic carrot farm or something? Then we could play pirates and make off with a load of veg and be done with it.
I said to Abby, "Well, let's see if we can clean that pot belly oven in the basement. I think we can get started on it before the hoomins get up. Come on."
I just wanted to get away and get busy with something. Maybe I could work off some of this fluster. I wanted to talk to some bunny about what just went through my head. I started to feel ashamed about what percolated through my noggin. Now I was surprised by my initial reaction to Molly's story.
We hopped down to the basement. Sure enough, there was a pot belly stove sitting in the corner. It had a big, round mid section, with a large oval door. It sat on short, stubby legs and had a flat top. First, we greased the door hinges to keep this beast from squeaking.
"Why does Zeus need it cleaned?", asked Abby.
"No bunny know, it's Zeus.", I answered.
"By the way, Abby, how do you feel about all this stuff Molly revealed? I got scared to death, it was all so overwhelming."
"I know, you looked it, too. Mr. Toes, I don't blame you. You know, even if you don't think about stuff like that, it doesn't make it go away. For now, though, I believe that it's too early to panic. She has an idea; that's all. We may not be able to do anything about it."
Abby sneezed, and then sneezed again. The inside of the stove was empty but dusty. There were some remnants of ashes, mixed with rust. No one used this stove in ages. We cleaned it out a smuch as we could, but now one of us had to get in. We put a light inside it first, and then Abby squeezed in and scraped the hard to reach places. To get the stuff out, she kicked it back, hard, like a pile of dirt, right in my face. Now I sneezed; hard. She realized what happened, turned around and stuck out her smiling face, "So sorry, Major. I forgot myself!" she grinned. I giggled and said, "No biggie." and tried to clean my face.
"Where did you want to explore through Singularia?", asked Abby.
"After what Molly told us, well, I am a little bit ashamed to say."
"Oh, come on, you can tell me, what is it, or where is it?"
"No, I don't want to say, it's really silly. It's very vain and useless. Molly put me in my place. I wanted to make it a surprise for you, Abby, but now I don't think it's a good idea."
"Oh, you're so sweet, I just don't think I'd like a surprise like that, you know. That could be very scary. You know how you're surprised by your reaction to Molly's story? I could have a similar response to your surprise, who knows. Come on, tell me!"
I got closer to the stove, stood up on my rear paws and whispered my idea into Abby's ear.
Suzy Mr. Toes
"Oh my bun!", she exclaimed.
"That's a great, great destination! It's not stupid at all! I'm not sure we could use it for anything, but it sound like a ton of fun!"
"See, that's what I thought exactly, it's useless. Fun, but useless. What could we use it for, aside from just getting our kicks?", I protested.
"Well, it's hard to tell now, but it would be quite a feat! I'm sure we could use it for something. How about we bring it up for a discussion? And by the way, fun is useful. We need it!"
I felt that scary squeeze in my gut again.

Friday, March 25, 2016


You said you'll have the garden beds ready today. Let's go and look!

- Thank you, Audrey!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Someone said Easter is soon here. 
Where's my basket!?

- Thank you, Mellissa!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Really, hoomin? You'll play fort with me all day? We'll need treats, lots and lots of treats!!

- Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

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Ken says, "Killarney has been a member of the desert warren for one year.
He disapproves of empty food bowls and being removed from the indoor hutch to the great outdoors. He then runs and binkies and does not want to go back indoors. Ah, bunnies."

Indeed, we understand ;-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


You're late with breakfast, again! I think you're asking for a second M*nd*y.

- Thank you, Michele!

Monday, March 21, 2016


I just wanted a power-nap. Guess I'll have to settle for your power cord instead.

- Thank you, Chad!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

Well, yes, those are some edible flowers. I couldn't tell what kind exactly. I nomed the carrots tops and mint first and saved the flowers for later. Couple or raspberries went down right away as well. All the stuff was yammeh and crispeh.

My hoomin tried to push on me papaya tablets that are not from Oxbow, but they're so meh, I made him order the proper ones. He did. They'll ship all the way from Japan. Go figure.

Other that that, my belleh is fine, undercarriage all good, pellets are beautiful as well and bum bafs not too bad. Looking forward to snorgling through another week ;-)

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Disapprovers - mon·i·ker

Last Week on the Disapprovers: Molly, Zeus and Mr. Toes investigate the pertrified remains of a crew member of an extraterstrial space craft. Upon return home, they start discussing their discovery of the craft.
I couldn't sleep through the night and after about an hour I was up again. Incredibly tired, becoming cranky and awake. I wandered over to the ratties. Surprise, surprise! Suzy and Abby were there, Molly flopped and snored away. Zeus and Milla were preparing for something. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they looked like they were getting ready to go exploring
"Are you leaving tonight, Zeus?" I asked.
"No, not tonight, but I want to prep everything right now. We'll go out after we get some zees."
"Are you going by yourself?"
"Yep, we need some answers, so we'll go and get them. You and Molly need to work on the coordinates for your outing. Frankie and Freddie will help you."
"You're going where, exactly?", pressed Suzy.
"To see Singularia, in the wreckage, you know. That primordial blob of subatomic particle brine. I thought it might be a soup of dark matter and dark energy, but brine is a better metaphor. Especially after 'it' said it 'instrumented' us. My little theory is that it's made up of Axions. In some circles, Axions are good candidates for what makes up dark matter. So, since we're better off having a name for it, Singularia is as good as any. And it sounds like a 'she'."
I stared at Zeus. Was there anything he wasn't into?
"What are you gonna ask... her... about, Zeus?" I asked.
"Well, what else is she able to do? How far is she able to take the protection - of us for example - as the medical service unit that she claims she is? Can she put an exo-body around us? With a jetpack of course - Zeus exclaimed with a cough and a wink. Can she extend herself to create a remote entry point? You know, we're talking about two-way travel. And last but not least, I want to know more about her relationship with the wreckage."
"I was thinking a lot about that.", said Molly and continued, "Something about her and the wreckage doesn't add up. How do you explain her presence on a not very sophisticated craft? Did the crew find her and took her on board? Is it possible that having no idea what they got, they just placed it in a bay next to the propulsion system. When this thing interfered with the ship's systems, they were forced to crash land. This thing, what did you call her, Singularia? Singularia carried on by herself. She might have used the ship's unused supply of propellant to sustain herself, no? "
Abby spoke up next. "Maybe..., a catastrophe forced the crew to deorbit and perform an emergency landing? They thought they could handle it. When things got out of control, they bailed out through Singularia. That would, of course, imply that two-way travel is routine for her, that she's more than just a medical service unit. After the crew had evacuated, they forgot to take her back or decided to leave her, thinking nothing would ever develop on this rock, or maybe they were rushed for some reason?"
I wanted to know something. "Let's say that the craft and Singularia come from the same place. How they came to be together is not so important. But if they share something in common, why would such advanced civilization continue to explore with spacecraft that required crew members? Why didn't they automate it? Why didn't they use Singularia purely for transport? You know, pop a port, look around, go back, no one gets hurt. Here, they lost the entire craft and left for home one crew member short."
Mr. Toes Suzy
Zeus put down the battery packs he was checking and sat down, losing himself in thought. His gaze had that familiar, strange, tranquil distance to it. He spoke up after a very long minute. "Maybe..., maybe they decided it was more important to stay involved in hands-on exploration? Maybe they didn't want to automate or follow the easy way out? Maybe they decided not to automate themselves out of the loop? Did you notice the lack of any armaments on the ship? What's it like to have no means of defending the beautiful blonds of the universe, or to not want to rampage and pillage through the Andromeda galaxy? Indeed, they have come from a strange place. Strange to us, because such mindset would be impossible here. Did you know that the air force dictated the size of the payload the space shuttle had to take to orbit?"
"Oh, every bunny, before I forget. Remember that old pot belly stove in the basement? The one hoomins dragged in from their grandparents as a memento? Can you clean out the insides of it and make sure the little door opens up?", said Frankie.
Mr. Toes
"Sure, what do you need that for?", I asked.
Frankie just gave me his "Frankie look". I knew better that to push it.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Oh, never mind that silly sign. Just a little closer, common now, just a little closer. Pwetty pwease?

- Thank you, Lyn!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mrs. B

Did you say banana pumpkin cake? With carrots and raspberries?

- Thank you, Jamie!

PS: She has joined the 10 year old club and wishes Mr. Toes a belated happy birthday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So, where are the nanners? I'm finding your lack of cooperation displeasing!

- Thank you, Audrey!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hoomin, they're watching! That dude over there has that clicky thing!

- Thank you, Gabrielle!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

No, the carrot wasn't that red. It was very hammeh and orangy. And it was by my mouf first thing this morning. Along with oxbow supplements and papaya tablet.

No complaints this week. Couple of bafs, couple of blow dries. Plenty of snorgles.

Oh, if you have any disapproval to spare, please do. We're out. Mikey and Gabrielle will save M*nd*y and then we're empty handed. Sigh ... he said he'll resort to posting doodles. Good grief!

- Mr. Bun 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Disapprovers - Single Stage to Orbit

Last Week on the Disapprovers: Mr. Toes convinces Molly and Zeus to enter the mystery substance with him. Molly and Zeus experience being in two places at the same time. They establish contact with the mystery substance.
Before I could say anything, Molly floated toward me, grabbed my arm and her momentum carried us toward the exit. I felt a tug on my foot and saw Zeus holding on to me as we continued to tumble. I rolled over Molly, she came out on top again, then went under and so we went on. I tried my best to stop our motion. Every time I got a glimpse of the glowing tumbleweed, I focused on it and hoped to come to a stop. It was no use. The whole spinning mess of us fell out of the substance in the spot we entered it through.
Suzy and Molly Mr. Toes
I was mad. I didn't want to leave yet. There was so much more we needed to ask and find out, and now we would have to start over. I was really worn out and felt a little sick to in gut. Not as bad as the last time I came out of it, but bad enough to be done for today. Molly and Zeus had it much worse. They were panting heavily and Zeus kept rolling slowly from side to side.
"Oh my, I'm sorry, guys!", groaned Molly. "I got overexcited and by the time I realized how fast I was floating, I couldn't stop."
"Doesn't matter now, I'm sure we'll be back. Oh good grief, somebunny stop this place from spinning!" squealed Zeus.
As soon as I could get up, I got them some water and started packing everything for the trip back to the top. I was still mad and thought, it might be most useful to work it off. So I hustled and we were on the move as soon as they got up.
We made only one stop along the way and took a closer look at the one open capsule, covered in the artery material. We passed by the other ones, all open and empty. We peeked into one. Its lining resembled the innards of a pomegranate picked clean of its seeds or the insides of a very irregular egg carton. Was it some form a body moulding
When we finally got to the open capsule, covered in artery material, we put our paws on it. Molly was right, the covering receded, exposing a dark, matt surface. There was a thin gap, running almost the entire length of the capsule. We tried to force it open, but it wouldn't move. Then, we all started feeling the sides of this container, looking for a control panel. Sure enough, we felt a bunch of dimples in the surface. They were small and regularly arranged. I was certain they were not the result of corrosion, or abrasion. I couldn't tell why they felt familiar. The funny thing was, we could hardly see them when Zeus illuminated them. Those indentations were much more pronounced to the touch. Even better, we figured out the right combination of pressing into them. We heard a soft clink come from the inside. When we tried to slide the cover open, it moved without any resistance.
Frankie and Freddie Abby
We pointed all of our lights in there, our disappointment matched only by the magnitude of what we were afraid to find. We were looking at a pile of what looked like cecotropes. Except these were the size of charcoal briquettes. Zeus and Molly had been staring at them. Now the strange lining of the capsules made sense. It had to be moulding.
Molly got out her SwissBunny knife and tried to pry one off of the cells. It came off easily and exposed a clump of dried tendrils. She pulled on it and they separated from the rest of the shape. The bottom of the capsule looked as if it was filled with something long ago dried and congealed for a very long time. I reached out and touched it. It was very smooth and brittle when I put the slightest pressure on it. My mood
"Did you get all that, Frankie?", asked Zeus over the radio, so softly we could barely hear him.
"Got it.", whispered Frankie.
We closed the cover as quietly and as tightly as we could.
The remainder of our return to the top was very quiet. Nobunny said a word. Our only anchor to reality was the quiet, steady hum of the electric motors powering our roll boards. We decided to leave them in the tunnel, between its opening and the artery. We removed their batteries to be recharged for later use.
Suzy Abby
Zeus got another ride on the back of Bruno and we had made it back home just fine. Hoomins didn't come back until late that evening and went to bed right away.
We started the night with Zeus drawing out a schematic of the wreckage we had traversed. The sketch was based on the mental images we got while in the midst of the "glow soup". Abby and Suzy were in total disbelief, but Molly and I thought he got it just right. The drawing matched exactly the images engrained in our memories. Especially the parts we had not seen in person. Did we recognize them because the "blob" shared the imagery with us? We were looking at a craft of extraterrestrial origin that came to rest after some very violent event.
Mr. Toes
Zeus saved the drawing as a "CAD Homework 1". He did not encrypt it. If any hoomin saw it, he or she would think some kid had an overactive imagination. We remained quiet for a long time until Suzy broke the silence.
"Look at how wide it is at the bottom. It's a bottom, isn't it? It reminds me of the 'single state to orbit' vehicle prototypes NASA had contractors build. You know, they were looking for something that could replace the shuttle. They could never make them work though. Their fuel tanks were cracking. These fellers here, pulled it off. So, does it make it a really advanced design or a really old one? I mean, that stuff has to be literally as old as dirt. How old do you think your mineral samples are, Zeus?"
"I don't know, I'm hoping to put them in the mail tomorrow morning."
We went quiet again.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Yep, bunny butt Friday. I get the Friday and you get the butt. Oh, and I can still see you, yes, I can. I don't see any treats though.

- Thank you, Dorothy!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


A day out and a box! Oh boy! Wait, what? Only 1 box?!?

- Thank you, Gabrielle!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Big 1-0 Mr. Toes!

Mr. Toes, from Dolly - A Little Disabled Rabbit celebrated his 10th Birthday in February. Since the exact day is unknown, he got the whole month to party. We would like to extend our most sincere (albeit belated) birthday wishes to Mr. Toes!

Thank you, Renee for giving bun a chance!

- Mr. Bun