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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mr. Beans

Tell me you're fetching my treats. Right?

- Thank you Kaitlen

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Bun update ...

We got rained out again. We'll have to try this elephant grass yet another day.  So settled for treat served off a strange thing, serving as treat server. The Oxbow Timothy Hay Treats didn't complain. And they went down most agreeably.

But that's the worst news we have. My "junction" haired over very well and now we're trying to take care of one stubborn, irritated spot on the tail. Baytril seems to be helping and I'm sneezing a lot less. I've properly de-constructed my bundo and my hoomin needs to look for a new box.

 Easy day is great day and I'm enjoying each and every one. We'll keep you posted.

Mr. Bun

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Disapprovers - What If…

 We listened as Auntie Proton shuffled away, got out and closed the door. I hopped over to get some water. I was very thirsty, my legs felt shaky, rubbery and barely under control. I couldn’t tell if that was from the exertion of running upstairs or from almost getting busted by Auntie. As I slurped and slurped my water I realized what had been bothering me the last few minutes. The basement windows! Light pours in through those windows! If we open one...

 I took a mouthful of pellets and headed to share my revelation with the girls.

 As I approached them, still chewing, Molly blurted out “Guess what Mr. Toes, we think we can get out through the basement windows!”

My mouth tried to drop, but I remembered the pellets so I kept it shut. “Indheeedh,” I said as half chewed stuff fell out of my gob.

“I know someone we can ask about those windows, let’s talk to Bruno” said Molly. So we went  off to see Bruno. He was in the next room, stretched on his back and sprawled out, warming in the sun, with his eyes closed and his mouf half open. One of his eyes thought about opening when he sensed us getting closer, but it gave up and stayed closed. His jaw moved and he licked his upper lip several times. 

“Hey, Bruno, are you really asleep?” asked Suzy.
“What do you think,” he murmured.

“Is it true the basement windows open?!?,” asked Abby.

Some part of Bruno tried to answer: “Yessss, they …. do.” “But you can’t just do that thing you’re all thinking about, not like that,” added Bruno. Go, talk to Frankie, or Zeus, or ... , well, you know whom I’m talking about. Then he stretched and became twice as long as he normally appears, turned on his side, curled up, rested his head on his tail and sighed with great contentment. He was out, warm and cozy.

 We looked at each other. Suzy telescoped and looked around. She looked for a second like she was going to swat Bruno’s ear to wake him up, but we all shook our heads “NOOOOO” in great unison. Suzy stopped and stared at us, her paw almost touching Bruno’s ear. “Ok, let’s go see them now then,” she whispered. Quietly, we trotted off toward our ratty friends.

Frankie and Freddie were standing on the keyboard of a small laptop computer, looking intently at the screen. They were doing some weird dance, except it didn’t have much rhythm to it. To be honest, it had no rhythm at all. They were pressing the keys with their feet, green glowing words were forming on the black screen and from time to time the machine was doing something on it’s own They stood still waiting for it to finish. During one of those breaks Freddie looked at us and waved, immediately returning to face the screen. This went on for a while and it started to seem like we would never get to talk to them. We saw a strange creature appear on the screen. I think it’s what hoomins call a “penguin”. It looked sort of confused, had a big yellow beak, big eyes and was sitting on it’s duff, doing nothing. And then it disappeared and the screen turned black again, some color buttons appeared at its bottom. Suddenly, a bunch of small, green circles appeared at the top of the screen and kept moving down very slowly. Something kept beeping.

We noticed Zeus marching toward us and pulling a little bag behind her. The circles on the screen kept moving. Zeus got within arm’s reach of us and stopped. The green circles on the screen stopped moving as well, but the beeping continued. Frankie and Freddie got of the keyboard and came closer. Frankie stuck his paw in Zeus’ bag and pulled out 2 small objects. “Let me have your front paw, Mr. Toes,” asked Frankie and as I extended my left paw, he strapped one of those  things onto it. “That’s good, now let me have your rear paw,” he continued. He strapped something to my hind paw. The girls stood there, like me, not knowing what to make of it. “Tell you what, Major, go now and hide in your favorite spot,” Frankie said. Hide as well as you can, as if your life depended on it.

I looked at everybunny, turned away and hopped off. Whaaaaat was that about!?! I headed for the bedroom closet. Sometimes our hoomins leave it open, just enough. I went in the darkest corner and hunkered down. Why am I going along with their crazy ideas? Like this one. I don’t even ask why, I just go along. Anyway, they’ll never find me here and I may even take nice, long nap.

“Major Toes, there you are, well done!” It was Frankie, smiling straight at me, girls behind him, rubbernecking.

“Without the trackers it would take us a very long time to find you; if we could find you at all. Everybunny, before you make your move, let us know about it. We’ll suite you up and it will be that much easier to spring you out of a pickle, if we have to, of course,” said Frankie.

“Sure, Frankie, but why the 2 devices? Wouldn’t 1 be enough?” I asked.
Frankie stopped smiling. He was looking grim and his expression took on a look of a ratty that’s been everywhere and seen things that should not have been seen. Let’s say there’s real trouble, Major. I mean stuff seriously gone wrong and I see those 2 trackers spread apart more than your length. I have to consider rescuing somebunny else.

Nothing like that will happen, I hope, but we have to be ready for everything.

- Thank you Renee!

PS: Follow Suzy, Molly, Abby Mr. Toes Frankie, Freddie, Zeus and Bruno on FB!

Friday, August 28, 2015


Head rubs, hoomin, I'm so ready for my head rubs!

- Thank you Monica!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fiona - looking for a forever home

See that bowl? It needs more mint. And nutriberries, yeah, needs nutriberries!

According to Fiona's FB post:

"The Netherland Dwarf that was found wandering the streets of Rock Hall earlier this month has been taken in by ESRREC, and named Fiona. She was spayed yesterday and will spend the next few days recuperating. She is full grown but barely 2 lbs in weight and full of attitude (typical for a Nethie). One of her eyes has "sectoral heterochromia" - a fancy way of saying part of her iris is a different color. Her eyes are blue but one of them is half black. Just a genetic thing caused by pigments, not a disease! Perhaps considered a "defect" by a breeder? Anyway, we wish Fiona a speedy recovery and will let you know soon when she is adoptable."
Rescue's site: http://www.esrrec.org/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/esrrec/timeline

- Thank you CC!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 Here, let me try something, how about this: "Where's my carottini?!?" ... or "And make it snappeh!"
How was that? Do I need more inflection or something?

Ken says "She does not have a whole lot to disapprove of, but is willing to learn  : )"

- Thank you Ken and Kaci!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Yes, winter's coming and sombunny has to be ready.

- Thank you Gabrielle!

Mr. Bun update....


I ended up going to the vet first thing Monday morning. Hoomin dropped me off on his way to work.

Doc says I'm doing very well. They took care of my irritation and scab on my privates and to keep things dry, she suggested to continue using the baby powder. I've got a supply of Baytril to consume. So, I smell critical care treats with medicine, raspberries and nanners! I'll eat it then without any wrestling, thank you bunnymuch!

Oh, and we're very, very low on disapproval. Thus, we'll be happy feature your bunn, send us a pix to disapprovingbun@gmail.com, post or message us on our  FB page.

- Mr. Bun

Monday, August 24, 2015


Look, stop complaining already. 
They're nice pellets! What else do you want on a M*nd*y, eh?

- Thank you Topi!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mr. Bun update

Best we could do for an adventure were some head rubs on the couch while drying. At least we got some evening sun through the window.

Another quiet week, punctuated only serious efforts of bunstruction. Looks like I'll be getter another bundo, sooner rather than later. 3/4 of my favourite to bunstruct is almost gone. Yey!

My poor hip/leg junction that got bare and irritated grew over with fresh hair. Now, we'll keep it that way.

Hoomin did notice some strange spots on my lower back. The part that gets wet when I get a baf. It never gets dirty, but it does get wet and now he noticed some irritation around it. Now, I'm afraid I'll be going to the vet for a shave and a look. He wanders if I'm breathing ok, too. I think I'm just old, ok, just old, I'm doing the best I can, ok?!?

Anyway, got plenty of zip and pep to bolt when I hear the treats coming. Oh yes.

When I hear him around 3 or 4 in the morning, checking on me, I'm there! Zip, slide, I'm there! Sometimes I carry too much speed and slide on my bumm, he he. Yep, sure do.

Today, today was supposed to be an adventure day. You know, go and sit in the back yard, watch the afternoon sun. Nope, got another bum baf and a dollop of cream on my privates, 'cuase they got very irritated.

Mr. Bun

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Disapprovers - Hidden in Plain Sight

As I stepped out of the hole Suzy, Molly and Abby stepped down into it to see what was under the board. They kept looking at it and each other, their faces taking on a sour look of disbelief and frustration.

There was nothing. The board was just an old board and it wasn’t covering anything. Construction crew just left it behind. That’s all it was. Rubbish, literally.

Molly was the first one to hop out. She said “Houston, permission to walk off heartbreak and resignation.”

“Proceed as requested,” responded Suzy with a dry, gray tone.

Molly hopped toward a work table and disappeared behind some old, large tool chest, next to a cloths dryer.

Abby and Suzy got out. “Mr. Toes, please help me pull out the pack from there, we need to clean up and close up,” Suzy said.

“Coming over,” I said, slowly lumbering toward her. I didn’t look forward to the cleanup.

“Can we still leave all this stuff here, like we planned?” I asked.

“Indeed, I don’t feel like lugging it back up, we’ll stow it away and come back for it later.”

Abby was already dragging one of the packs and shoving it behind a couch. It would be safe there, hoomins don’t come down here often. Most of the time it’s dark and if they do, they won’t be expecting to see anything like that.

Suzy and I pulled on the pack in the hole and the board fell with a dry, dead clap, blowing out dust. For a second I thought I was looking at my dreams getting pulverized and blown all over; getting ground up and roasted into ash.

We tried to heave the pack up and over the edge, but it was too awkward and heavy. “Abby, we need your help,” I radioed. She came over and it took all 3 of us to lift it. Barely, but we did. We pushed it behind the couch, next to the first one.

“Major Toes, got a question for you,” came on Molly.

“Sure, where are you, Molly?” I asked.

Behind the tool chest.

I headed toward Molly, leaving Abby and Suzy to hide the last pack.

Squeezing in between the tool chest and the dryer, I telescoped behind Molly. What’s up, Molly?

“What is that shiny thing and what does it do, Mr. Toes?”

“I think it’s what they call a dryer vent and I think it vents the hot air from the dryer to the outside of the house, why?”

Molly slowly moved closer to it and stood up, almost reaching the vent.

Mr. Toes, help me get up there; lock your paws and give me a lift here, or I’ll give you a lift to see if you can reach it. I want to see if we can get that thing loose.

Sure Molly, put your foot right here. I moved forward, planted my hind paws as firmly as I could and locked my front paws. Molly put one of her hind feet into it, stepped up and got a hold of the vent.

She grunted and hummed trying to wiggle loose the vent.

“Ok, hurry up a little, pretty please,” I said.

“What are you guys doing there?,” came on Suzy.

“Oh, nothing, just checking something out, Commander,” I said.

Molly stepped down and said “It sits there very tightly, I was hoping we could pry it off and squeeze to the outside, through the opening. Maybe some of us could; you could fit through, Mr. Toes.”

Her face twisted in disappointment again.

“Well, it’s the thought that counts, Molly” I said.

We turned off our headlights, it was quite bright in the basement now. The sun moved across the sky enough to light up the place.Even through the small, basement windows the basement was very well lit.

“I got some bad news,” said Suzy, sounding just a touch anxious, “everybunny, head for the staircase, right now, that’s an order!”

“We’re on it!” I said and took Molly by the paw. “Let’s go, let’s go!” I went on as we sneaked past the tool chest and picked up our pace.

Abby and Suzy were moving as fast as they could and they were almost at the stairs.

“What’s the story, Commander?” asked Molly.

“I forgot to rig the web cam, it’s my fault; I think hoomin rescue party is on its way!” said Suz.

Good grief, if the web cam was on, our hoomins could have been watching our empty quarters all this time. And hoomins panic so easily. They could be on their way back right now. It’s about now when they break to eat those awful things they like.

We were panting and climbing, no one said a word. Suzy was so right about running us around the room. The climb was going so much easier.

When we got to the top, we galloped toward our pads. We heard the door open, someone was inside and we could hear rushed, heavy, footsteps. Thump, thump, thump, someone was climbing the stairs.

We spread out and pretended to nap, or at least to look bored. We saw a gray head of hair raising up. We recognized Mrs. Proton, friend of the family and our neighbour. Sometime we called her “Auntie”.

She got close to us, leaned over and petted Abby on her “sleepy” head, gave her a little nose pet. Then she scratched Suzy behind the ear.

She left me alone; fine, I don’t need no headrubs, wouldn’t want Auntie Proton to strain herself.

After a little while we could hear her on the phone. Renee, this is Auntie Proton, they’re all fine. I’m not sure what you saw, but they are all on their pads, looking very bored. I think I interrupted their naps. (... inaudible … ) No, that’s ok, it’s no bother at all. I always say “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. Oh, you’re most welcome, I’ll talk to you later, take care now!

- Thank you Renee!

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Friday, August 21, 2015


Sometimes I cannot believe that you would choose to spend your time watching TV when you could be doing other things.... Like feeding me or petting me or letting me crawl on you!

- Thank you Elizabeth!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


How could you, Mikey, how could you?!?
How could I what, River? ... eh, how could I what?!? Somebunny had to do it.
We gotta hold on to our hoomin, you know. Should she wonder off or get lost, somebunny will be able to help her get back here. That's all.

- Thank you Gabrielle!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


You what?!? You called mistook Leo for ME? How dare you! Which part of me looks like Leo, eh? ... name one! I demand a raspberrini, right now!

- Thank you Elisa!

PS: Yesterday we mistook Leo for Gigio. The error was corrected, but not fast enough to go unnoticed by Gigio. That's so very unacceptable, so unacceptable. We apologize.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I'm pi**ed off, hoomin. Leave me alone.
Maybe the foot is listening, I'm not.
- Thank you Elisa!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Don't think of it as "going to the tar pits", 
think of it as going out to get my treats via the scenic route.

Angela says "He is the one who gets acupuncture on a weekly basis. He has to be the most disapproving bun out of all 6 fosters. (...) He has come a long way since July 17th. He is no longer flinging when he is pet. And he loves eating treats from people's hands now. This was after a week of being in our house."

- Thank you Angela!

PS: Kramer got grabbed by the ears and tossed into a carrier by the rescue personnel which contributed to medical problems. We're still glad fire-fighters got to him and got him out. 

This concludes our little, impromptu mini-series on Angela's fosters. I'm sure we'll hear about how the bunch is recovering and we'll keep everyone posted :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mr. Bun update

Hello Everybunny :-)

Just checking in, hoomin running super late again. Something about chores and stuff.  Something about running around town to find Neem shampoo again. And greens, we're very picky about greens. 

And he washed my bum for 3 days in a row. Oh well, could be worse. 

We were going to go and sit in the backyard, sit under canopy of bamboo clump and watch the elephant grass grow, but storms came in again and soaked everything. We'll try this adventure during the week maybe. 

As much as I dislike my bafs, my leg is doing well. Fresh hair is growing back ok. All the other trouble spots look well too. We'll try to keep it this way. 

Mr. Bun

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Disapprovers - Off With the Cover


The sound grew louder. A pair of little noses emerged from the dark.

Together, Izzie and Mila were pulling a little cart, piled up with something and covered up with a blanket.

“Izzie?!? … Mila?!? What are you doing up this early?,” I asked.

“Hi kids! Good to see ya too!,” said Izzie. “This here, is our present to you, since we realized you’re up to something unauthorized,” Izzie went on while Mila started pulling off the cover from whatever they were hiding.

“You see,” said Mila, “... one thing you need is means of communication that does not involve yelling or having to keep constant eye contact with your buddy.” When you’re you out there, floating in space toward that International Bunn Station and listening to country music…

“Oh shush, man!,” Izzie cut him off, Hurry up, we need to test those things and show them how to use them. It’s a bit much to drop stuff like that on them. Here, Mr. Toes, let me fit it for you. Izzie proceeded to fit a headset with a tiny mike on Mr. Toes’ head. Mila, quickly put a set on his head, turned it on and started testing it: “Ltn. Toes, do you read me? … do you read me? … radio check, tell us how you really feel about this mission?”

“Loud and clear,” I said. I had no idea what to make of it. Radios are a good thing, always liked radios, but how did they know we would have use for them? Since when did they start watching us? Who’s side were they on? Did they outfit the hoomins with receivers as well?

“Suzy, Abby, Molly and Mr. Toes,” started Izzie, “... let me ease some of your well founded concerns.” We watched you during your first descent and we thought you did remarkably well. All things considered, of course. We don’t know if you’ll follow our path, but we do know you’ll need all the help you can get. So, as a token of our appreciation for your bunntitude, we’d like to contribute these radios to your adventure. Nobunny knows anything about it. Well, Bruno probably does, but he’s just that kind.

He always knows. Every thing.

Izzie proceeded to show us how to use these headsets. Turn this on and the system is voice activated. You don’t have to do anything to transmit. Watch these lights from time to time; green is good, yellow means batteries are half way gone, red is bad and blinking red means you’ll be left without com at any second.

Izzie grabbed my cheek and gave me a hug. “Good luck kids,” he said and turned toward the cart. Come on Mila, we need to push this thing back before we get into trouble. They waved to us and were gone behind the door. For a second, we could only make out a the faint sound of the squeaky wheels and little footsteps.

We remained speechless as we turned and headed toward the stairs. I grabbed one end of the rope and started making my way down. When I got down a level I pulled all the slack out of the line and we started guiding the first pack down. It thumped down slowly and when it rested at my feet I untied it and the girls pulled the rope back up. The next pack came down as easily as the first. The last one was half way down when one of its edges got stuck on the carpeted step. I could not pull it loose from my end. When Abby tried to let out some line, it looked like it would topple over. We tried to wiggle it loose and couldn’t so I just asked them to hold for a bit and I climbed my way back to it. Then they let the rope go completely and the entire boulder of the pack tumbled down and crashed into the wall. Right where I used to stand a moment ago. We tied it for the last leg of the trip and it gave us no more trouble.

We got down to the basement and Suzy asked Abby and Molly to scout the place for a good hiding place for our supplies. We got to work rolling up the rug, I took out my chisel and pried off the floor board. We put it aside quietly and turned on our headlights. This time we had a lantern and we lowered into the opening.

Nothing seemed to have changed. The headlight I left behind last time was still there. Silent, out of energy and dark. I listened for the faintest of sounds, but all was quiet. I circled the opening back and forth, looking out for anything suspicious. I looked at Suzy and said “Let’s make a pulley out of something, it will make it easier to pull that board up”. We took our rope, tied a loop at one end and lowered it down. Then we found a chair, pushed to the edge of the opening and made it face away from it. Throwing the rope over the top rail, we got a little bit of leverage pulling up the board. All we need were couple of inches. “Suzy, Molly, can you join us now?,” radioed Suzy. Meanwhile I took one of our packs and pulled toward the hole, then lowered it in as gently as I could.

It fell in with a thump and a cloud of dust bellowed out. We stepped away waited for the dust to settle.

I moved in for the lift and stepped down into the opening using our pack as a step. I picked up my old headlight and handed it of to Abby. “Please be gentle with it, Abby.” I picked up my chisel with my left paw and gently run it along the edge of the board until I found its corner, then switched the chisel into my right paw and did the same. It was about 4 feet wide, maybe a little less. I loosened the loop of the rope to about the width of the board and looked up at the girls. I mostly saw only the bright lights of their headlamps and waved to them. I hoped they were waving back at me.

I tried to slide the chisel under one of the corners of the board. It went in easily and I was able to pull up on it, lifting the corner a little bit. I moved the chisel a little further toward the middle, maybe a couple of inches and put the rope around the corner. Then I continued to move the chisel to the other corner, lifting the board and pushing in the rope under the wood.

Then I got the line under the boards, tightened the loop and made it as snug as I could.

I stood up and turned to where I thought the girls were and said “I think we’re ready, on my mark, you pull on the rope and I’ll try to lift here.”

Now the radios would shine! I had my paws under the board, adjusted my stand and made the call: “Three, Two, One and PULL!!”

I felt their tug on the rope and the board lifted up. I tried to pull it up as much as I could. “OK, can you hold it like that for a sec?” “Sure, take your time, not too much though,” said Molly.

I lowered my head and shone my light underneath.

I gasped.

“Hold it still, I’ll prop it up with the bag,” I said grabbing the bag and pulling it as hard as I could to get it under the board. When I had it securely under one of its corners I said “You can let it down now. I think you need to get here and see this for yourself.”

- Thank you Renee!

PS: Follow Suzy, Molly, Abby Mr. Toes Izzie and Mila and Bruno on FB!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Miss Harley

Treats? Yeah, drop them right there and I'll get to them when I'm good and ready. It might be next week by then.

Angela says "Miss Harley here is a straight up DIVA!! "NO TOUCHIES" is her middle name. (...) But that is fine! A foster sister to Popcorn. She goes home when the fire house is rebuilt.
- Thank you Angela!