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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mr. Bun update

Best we could do for an adventure were some head rubs on the couch while drying. At least we got some evening sun through the window.

Another quiet week, punctuated only serious efforts of bunstruction. Looks like I'll be getter another bundo, sooner rather than later. 3/4 of my favourite to bunstruct is almost gone. Yey!

My poor hip/leg junction that got bare and irritated grew over with fresh hair. Now, we'll keep it that way.

Hoomin did notice some strange spots on my lower back. The part that gets wet when I get a baf. It never gets dirty, but it does get wet and now he noticed some irritation around it. Now, I'm afraid I'll be going to the vet for a shave and a look. He wanders if I'm breathing ok, too. I think I'm just old, ok, just old, I'm doing the best I can, ok?!?

Anyway, got plenty of zip and pep to bolt when I hear the treats coming. Oh yes.

When I hear him around 3 or 4 in the morning, checking on me, I'm there! Zip, slide, I'm there! Sometimes I carry too much speed and slide on my bumm, he he. Yep, sure do.

Today, today was supposed to be an adventure day. You know, go and sit in the back yard, watch the afternoon sun. Nope, got another bum baf and a dollop of cream on my privates, 'cuase they got very irritated.

Mr. Bun


Anonymous said...

Aw, bummer that you did not get much of an adventure day, Mr. Bun, dear. Perhaps a bit of relaxing is a good thing? Keep growing fur! Think, happy, fluffy thoughts :)=
-Jen(Kohl's mom)

RG said...

Stay strong!