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Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Disapprovers - what's the next thing that can...

I woke up to the sounds of Suzy and Abby rummaging about for early morning snacks. I really didn’t feel like getting up that morning. One night’s snooz was not enough to wrap my head around the idea of bunstronauts, much less the possibility of becoming one. I tried to face the possibility that the best we could hope for, was to sneak out of the house and play in the back garden. When no one’s watching.

But for now, nomes were to be had and hoomins would be getting up soon so the show had to go on. I slowly hopped over to the pellet bowl and tried to convince myself that I really did need all the extra fiber this morning. Abby looked at me puzzled, “What’s wrong Mr. Toes, didn’t get enough sleep or too much? They say neither is good for you.” I wish I knew, maybe I’m just slow to get going today. I hope Suzy takes it easy on us today.

“No, she probably won’t, she’ll run us around the room the way she likes it now. Oh, admit it, you know you like it.” said Abby.

I know, Abby, she means well.

Suzy and Molly hoped over and had a pellet or two with us.

“What do you guys feel like doing today?” asked Molly.

“I vote to go back to snoozing after hoomins clear our, do I have a second” I said.

“And lose a day?” Suzy asked surprised.

Well, after hoomins leave for the day, you go back to bed Mr. Toes, it’s ok, I just hope you’re not getting sick. You’re not getting sick, are you?!?

“No, I’m fine, really, I just want a lazy day,” I said and hopped off to my pad. I tried to lay down and snooze, but couldn’t. The girls were all rustling about, prepping for the next trip down. I dragged myself up and out, and went to join them, “What can I do to help?,” I asked. Abby hopped over and gave me a long nose bonk, groomed my ear and said “We need to organize these ropes, they’re a mess”.

We kept organizing our supplies and equipment, at the same time trying to figure out the best timing for our next descent. Day or night? We would feel better at night, but had only a few hours to work with. And we would have to be super quiet and careful. During the day we would have all the time we want, but our circadian rhythm would be way off.

“I vote for staying up today and going late to bed,” I said.

“... And going for it tomorrow?,” asked Abby.

Yes, I think that will give us the most time to work with. We’ll be able to be quick and as loud as we want to be. We’ll rumble down the stair if we have to. We can carry extra supplies too; we can drag them behind us and if we raise Kane, that’s tough berries.

“Very well, Major, ” started Molly and went on, “now, um…, did anyone contemplate the “what’s the next thing that can kill us” question?”

“Inside or outside?,” asked Suzy.

Both, inside first.

“I think the ‘rumble down the stairs’ would be fun, but we’re not made of rubber anymore.” said Suzy. How about we split, one of us go down downstairs, with a rope, then we pull the supplies down the stairs and the rest stay on top to secure the line. This way the packs won’t roll down and crush somebunny.

And that’s how we went on till the hoomins came back. It was hard to stay up and not cheat with a nap.

The next morning we all got up very excited indeed. We binkied hard for treats; this time we meant and we would need every bit of them. I wished we had gotten more nanners, I had a feeling we would burn up all that sugar in no time.

As soon as we heard the last click of the door lock we started suiting up. Abby and Molly pulled out all the supply packs and started roping them up for transport down the stairs. Suzy helped me put on my vest and get it good and tight, I did the same for her. “Oh, you look so handsome, Major Toes!,” said Suzy.

Then I heard a strange sound coming from the other room. What was that? We all froze and looked toward the slightly open door to the room it was coming from. Something that sounded like squeaky wheels and little feet.

- Thank you Renee!

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RG said...

After all that set up I have to wait a whole week to find out? .... "Mom! I need 25 cents for the show next Saturday. I just HAVE to see how this turns out. Puleeeeeze Mom? Oh - and a nickel for a candy bar - a Snickers? I'll be an extra good boy all week!"

Genro said...

Absolutely lovely story & photos!!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

These bunnies are so wonderful.