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Monday, November 30, 2015


Hoomin, I do not share the floor!! Not even for a fistful of treats!

- Thank you Tara!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mr. Bun update

Greetings Everybunny!

Headrubs, that's where it's at, headrubs! You get yourself a well trained hoomin and enjoy all the headrubs you can stand.

And you know what else is great? A boring week, one with nothing to freak out about. If you don't count the aggravation of bum bafs, you're left with judging the quality of your fresh pineapple chunks.

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Disapprovers - The Snipper

We stood and huddled around the little tablet, trying to make sense of the video stream. Frankie was still playing with the settings and it felt like an eternity. Suzy got on our case again for not keeping a look out. Well, we decided to take turns telescoping. I got up first and did my best to try and pay attention to sights and sounds around us. It was still dark and mist was getting thicker. I wondered where's the fine line between mist and fog? My whiskers and paws glistened with dew drops. I thought, if this mist gets any thicker we'll lose visual contact with the house. Hm..., that would be interesting. All this night vision equipment would be mostly useless. From time to time I heard a car go by in the distance. That was the only sound I considered safe and familiar. My mind started taking over all other noises and amplifying them. With stories! Not pleasant one's either. Stories in the dark have teeth!
I tapped Molly on the shoulder, "Molly, your turn, please." and Molly took over the watch.
When I saw her stand up I turned to watching the video again. I don't know what Frankie did, but now the image was clear, its meaning though still wasn't. We were looking at something spacious, round and dry. At least it looked dry to me. The surface appeared to be covered with gentle bumps and dimples. The thing itself seem to curve and stretch in both directions. I couldn't tell you if it had a beginning or an end, image simply faded into darkness.
"So, what do you call it, Zeus?" asked Abby.
"I don't want to call it anything." said Zeus and continued, "If I call it something I'm strangling my ability to think about it without preconceptions. If I put a label on it I'm cementing all my limitations and prejudices to it and I may never get to truly understand 'it'".
He had a point I thought. After a long pause, Abby broke the silence in a low voice, "That could be bad for 'it' and us."
We heard Suzy, "Frankie, what's the data stream revealing?"
"I see no traces of trouble, atmosphere in there is ok, in fact, level of oxygen is slightly elevated. I see no signs of toxic gasses, radiation levels are normal..."
Then, Frankie stopped talking, we all felt silent. We were looking at a pair of very bright dots, close together, in the lower left corner of the main image. They were getting bigger. Eyes, were these eyes? They were eyes and they were getting closer to the probe, they were running now. There was faint glow over the fast moving creature, keeping pace with it, radiating from the ceiling of the 'loofa pipe'.
"Hey, Izzie, would you refuse to call this baby opossum a 'baby opossum' too?" I laughed and we all giggled.
"Um, yeah, that's a baby opossum.", Izzie giggled back. The little critter came up to the probe and stuck its face into it. We could make out its little nose, mouf and tiny whiskers as it sniffed the surprise it discovered. The little beast stood up, stretched and snipped the cord of the probe. Image went grainy as the probe fell and automatically degraded the image quality for wireless transmission.
"Oh come on!" Exclaimed Zeus. The probe was showing a fuzzy close up of the surface it was resting on. It still looked like the same, 'loofa' like tight mesh we observed ourselves on the outside.
Then we saw liquid pouring over the lenst of the probe and the grainy image became wavy, as if hit by heavy rain. Only it didn't rain down there. Zeus kept shaking his head in disbelieve and muttering under his nose, "... you've got to be kidding me. Well, at least your kidneys work ok and you're a healthy little monster, aren't ya!", Zeus finished with a yell, jumping up and down.
"So, this thing supports life!" chuckled Molly.
The opinionated little opossum decided to kick the probe for good measure and we saw the image spin wildly. Abby had to look away because it made her dizzy. When the probe came to rest, we saw the creature walk away, turn to a side and stand up.
He or she put her paws on the side of the 'loofa' and stood there for a second before crawling out of sight. I could swear the opossum disappeared into the side of the "loofa". The faint glow above its head went dark.
Zeus took out a bite sized Snicker bar, unwrapped it slowly and chomped into it.
"Did you see that?!? Do you think that opossum made an opening just like we did?", said Zeus, trying to speak with his mouf full.
"Let's see if we can drop our little rover in there, maybe we can see where this goes?" said Frankie.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Say again?!? You want to use the couch? You have to chin it first. Come on, let me see you try to chin the couch!

- Thank you Carlissa!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank You Every Bunny!

We just wanted to say Thank You to every bunny. 

We're grateful to all bunneh caretakers, past, present and future!

We're so grateful for all your support and patience.

- Mr. Bun

PS: Enjoy the feast and spare the beast ;-)
We will return to our regularly scheduled disapproving tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Nope, no part of me understands this 'need to go back' business.

- Thank you Mikayla!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015


That was too short, way to short. I'm calling off your tar pits today, we have to go back there. We have to.

- Thank you Rachel!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mr. Bun update

Greetings Everybunny!

Knock on wood, there's nothing to report other than all the sensitive bits and spots are staying irritation free. That leg of mine that loses fur when it gets scalded is doing fine.

I got all the headrubs I could stand yesterday. I purred, made my little grunting noises and gritted my teeth in rhythmic approval (the approval part is only between you and me, ok?). I think I napped, too; it was rather lovely.

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Disapprovers - Second EBA

Our next chance to get out would be determined by two things: favourable weather and absence of hoomins from the house. For a while, either they were home or we had sleet and rain. None of us enjoyed this "hurry up and wait" lifestyle. We kept busy going over all our equipment, testing batteries, cleaning, playing "what if" games and contriving tabletop simulations for what we could run into.
Then, one afternoon Bruno ran up and whispered, "The good news is they're leaving tonight for a sleepover at their friend's house and we're supposed to have a clear night! The bad news is they are coming back early in the morning."
We decided to set out very early in the morning. Leaving several hours before dawn would give us enough time to deploy the probe and return. Suzy decided we should have somebunny as a lookout in the window since it's going to be pitch black. She volunteered to bunn the position. Among us, she's the best at keeping the bird's eye view on things like that.
On the eve of our second EBA (extra bunnicular activity), we nomed a ton of hay, drank plenty of water and tried to get a few hours of decent sleep. Hoomins muttered something about being relieved watching us ravage the hay with gusto and monstrous appetite. ... if they only knew. Once they convinced themselves that we were all settled in for the night, we heard the door shut and their 'rover' rumble out of the driveway and fade into the silence of the night.
Good sleep was had to get though. I kept tossing and turning all night and just when I thought I was about to get some zees, Suzy was tugging on my ear.
"Come on Major, time to gear up!" I sat up straight, my head was eager to go and it desperately tried to drag the rest of my body with it. My eyes burned, my paws felt cold and hot at the same time and my gut had a knot in it. In other words I felt great and good to go. Water, I needed some water. I heard that hoomins consume something called "quophee", or "quofy", or something like that and it supposedly perks them up. Right now I wished I some of that "kawfi".
All of a sudden I sensed someone was close by. Soft, yet heavy and laboured footsteps were coming from the other bedroom. It was Bruno. Usually, the fluffy, browny beast of a cat moves like lightning, but today he looked like an attack tiger. Zeus was sitting up on Bruno's back, riding like Bunn Wayne or Atilla the Bunn, looking majestic, with his little paws on his hips. For a moment we stared at him, mesmerized.
We had all paws on deck that morning, including our ratty friends: Frankie, Freddie, Zeus and Mila. Frankie and Freddie would work the mission control, Zeus would ride the cat with us and Mila would stay with Suzy.
Zeus was all decked out in a jumpsuit, gloves and night vision goggles. He carried the small, olive like probe and the remote explorer. We made a bee-line for the basement window. Hop, hop, off we went and soon we were climbing onto the table next to the window.
We popped open the window. Cold, morning air rushed in and we could feel the damp morning chill flowing over us. We've made a rapid descent to the ground. Bruno and Zeus went first, then Abby and Molly. I went last. Suzy kept watch, perched on the window with Mila by her side. Suzy brought a bag of alfalfa to snack on. She pulled out a twig and started chewing it slowly, all the while looking out over the dark garden.
The back yard was hardly recognizable now, even with the full moon glowing like a frozen sun. Bruno led the way with Zeus acting as a navigator. We followed them single file. I could see how ravaged the garden was. Most of the greens were picked and whatever was left looked wretched and battered. I was getting cold now and the mix of cold air and adrenaline was giving me some strange shakes. We've made it to our destination in what felt like a record time.
Abby was wheeling about, trying to recognize and pinpoint the exact location of the dig. Zeus kept saying "It should be right there, right under your paw!", but to her, the spot just didn't look right. She started clearing away some of the rubbish left by the recent storms and rains, hoping to recognize a detail of the opening. How accurate was that GPS position Zeus was swearing by?
"Hey, what's this?" asked Bruno, pointing to something right on the edge of the area Abby cleared. She turned around, leaned in for a closer look and worked her whiskers close to the ground.
"That's it!", she exclaimed.
Everybunny started clearing out the debri and before we knew it, we were unplugging our tunnel. We pointed our headlights at Abby's paws and tried to illuminate the spot she worked on. Surprisingly, the tunel showed no flood or cave in symptoms.
Zeus dismounted and started getting the probe ready. I hovered over him, watching how he tested power and prepared it for deployment.
"I'm getting the probe signal." we heard Frankie on the radio. Zeus pointed the probe at my mug and Frankie got excited, "Looking good Major, projecting some serious disapproval there!"
By then Molly cleared out the tunnel and said "OK, let's try it."
"Here, keep an eye on it." said Zeus. He handed me his little tablet, and turned toward the tunnel. He called out to Molly, "Let me go first."
I looked at the little screen and watched the jumpy, stark video feed from the probe. Abby and Bruno gathered around me, transfixed by the imagery.
That's when Suzy came on the radio,
"Somebunny better keep a lookout! You can't be all staring at it at the same time! Mr. Toes, please holster that thing and keep a lookout. Frankie, can you please 'play call' the video stream?"
Bruno and Abby perked up, rudely yanked out of their stupor.
"Of course!" replied Frankie in his measured, calm, best radio host and NASA commentator voice.
"They're almost there, Zeus is in front of Molly, they have both headlights on.
It's very dark, there's no ambient light, at the same time the image is washed out by the bright lights.
They're over the 'thing' now.
Zeus is trying to clear out more sand from it, but he's struggling, his tiny paws can't scoop much.
Now Molly is helping him and she making good progress.
She's shoving all that dirt to the sides.
That's enough, Molly - ... that was Zeus and I think they are ready to deploy the probe.
Zeus has the probe in his paw and it looks like its lens is resting on the object, the video feed is very dark now. I'm not exactly sure what Zeus is trying to do.
Come on, what's going on? How come it's not opening like it did for you, Molly?
It responded to my touch, Zeus, let me try something ...
That was Zeus and Molly, trying to coax the object into creating an opening and now Molly moved just a little bit closer to it.
She's extending her paw, reaching over Zeus, finally able to touch the surface of the object.
She placed and pressed her paw on it.
Nothing's happening yet...
There's some movement now, I can clearly see an opening forming under and around Molly's paw.
Zeus is trying to stretch and reach over that opening, without falling in...
He's lowering in the probe, holding it by the cable.
The probe is illuminating the surroundings very brightly.
Looks like Zeus finished the deployment and is motioning to Molly to remove her paw.
She did just that and now the opening is slowly closing.
Video stream from the probe continues, still a little jumpy as the probe steadies itself and it's slight pendulum motion dies down.
We still can't see very clearly, in spite of the very strong light from the probe, we'll have to adjust some settings here, hopefully the image will clear up.
We to see the raw data stream coming in and we'll process that as soon as we can.
Molly is backing out and Zeus is following her.
He was able to turn around in that tight space without a problem and he's able to move head first."
I had to sneak a peek at the opening of the tunnel to see what's happening.
"I see Molly, she's almost out!" I announced.
"Thank you, Frankie, great job!" said Suzy.
"Excellent!" yelled Frankie excited and continued, "... hm, would you look at that ..."

Friday, November 20, 2015


Yes, that's great idea, come right in, I'll share my treats with you. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to flop!

- Thank you Mikayla

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Excuse me? You think there's a hare in your burger? Remember, I know where you keep your shoes.

- Thank you Lauren!

PS: Our apologies for missing this submission a while back. Oh, the coming wrath of Piglet...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I know you're in there! You can come out, really! I was only kidding, I wouldn't trade you for a bag of carrots, honest!

- Thank you Pam!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Treats before or after headrubs? Did you say both? I heard both!

- Thank you Laura!

Monday, November 16, 2015


What? What kinda excuse did you come with for today?!?
Tar's too hot, too cold, what?

- Thank you Lizzy!

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mr. Bun Update

Greetings Everybunny!

I finished my meds this week. Hoomin will be having a call with the vet in the next day or so. It's hard to tell if the meds did any good. I have some clear discharge and from time to time I have a sneezing fit as well. Sigh... But we enjoy what we have, like staying clean and dry. Of course there's headrubs, nose nudgies and lots of greens. Snackies and pellets from time to time. And hoomin trying to not bug me with devices in my gab. He tried to put his phone to work for the pixes.

We'll keep you posted :-)

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Disapprovers - Apollo

We spent the next few days fighting and arguing. Molly wanted to go, Abby and Suzy wouldn't have any of it. They had the veto power. That was our agreement, anybunn of us could stop any mission, no-go from one of us means no-go for all of us. Molly and I felt so desperate. We kept ourselves busy playing "what if" games and we tried to visualize different scenarios we could run into. Just in case. Days went by and we didn't hear from Zeus. Bruno said he was still waiting for parts. I was afraid to find out what he was up to, I was afraid of being left out of the next trip. Rumor had it, Zeus managed to talk Bruno into helping him. Just in case, you know, if we weren't going, sigh...
On a brighter note, Apollo got well. He would have to live with scarring on his lungs, but generally he would be ok. The experimental treatment worked!
Then, we got the word. We went to visit Zeus. We found him sitting with his head resting in his folded arms, weeping. Apollo didn't make it afterall. It felt like life played a cruel joke, "You're fine, everything's going to be ok. Oops, sorry, here's your ticket for the Rainbow Bridge Express, off you go now!!!" I was devastated. All I could do was to sit down. Suzy went over to him and slowly scratched him behind his ear. No bunny said anything. Zeus raised his head and wiped his running nose on his arm. He kept looking at us and we could offer no consolation, we had no answers, no means of making it better. Abby hopped off to look for some tissues. When she came back she dried his face and gently wiped his red, puffy eyes. We gathered around him and nose nudged him.
Silence in the room felt like a sore and we were becoming a single wound. For the first time I noticed the slow metering of the clock on the wall. It probably hung there and ticked since eternity and I never paid any attention to it, but today, the tick of every second felt like a pinch of salt dropping on us.
"Sorry everybunny, it's been a long day, I'm glad you came by" said Zeus. "I'll try to take a nap, I'm really exhausted, can you drop by later on?"
"Of course, Zeus, we'll come back in the evening." said Molly and we slowly hopped off.
That night we gathered supplies for a small feast. Bruno broke into the fridge and procured a block of organic Swiss cheese, Molly found some Snicker Bytes. We had veggies, crackers and all sorts of yummies. We dipped into our secret stash and pulled out a big jug of carrot juice; top shelf kind if you know what I mean.
Frankie, Freddie and Milla joined us and we kept Zeus company late into the night. Everybunny got to have too much of everything. A taxidermist couldn't stuff us better. After a few carrotinis Molly decided to look for a window with a good view of the sky. We thought that was a grand idea and after a stumbling about the house for a while we found one. We could sit on the floor and see the stars. There were very few clouds in the sky. The puffs that remained were clearing out quickly and we stared at the tiny sparkles in the dark, wondering where Apollo went exploring first during this adventure.
I woke up the next day with a really upset stomach, my head was angry at me too and was trying to thump the living daylights out of me. I wasn't sure how I ended up on my pad. Did the hoomins find us in the morning or what? I learned later that it was Molly and Abby that dragged me back. Well, once was enough and next time I'm having hot chamomile tea. I'm just hoping the occasion will be brighter.
Since I noticed the ticking of the clock on the wall, I could not get it out my mind. When Abby came over to check on me, I asked her if she noticed it as well. She said she had no idea what I was talking about.
The next day we learned from Bruno that Zeus wanted to demo his latest creations and to lay out his plans. I had no desire to partake in this. One part of me was very happy for him to be setting out on an adventure and another one was plain jealous. Yes, it's quite doable to be happy for somebunn and be jealous and heartbroken at the same time. I explained that to Bruno. He sat down in front of me and started licking his paw and washing his face. He kept looking at me with one eye as if egging me on "Oh don't give me that! What sort of expeditionary behaviour is that?!? Come on, don't be a jerk." When Abby came by to join him I thought, well, Zeus never showed me anything, but his willingness to help and support whatever we were up to. Sigh, I hate losing those arguments with myself. So off we went.
Zeus was surrounded by a mess of wires and things I couldn't recognize. He had something hooked up to his laptop and was looking at its screen, then at what looked like a small, black olive in his hand. He was pointing that olive around and watched how the images change on the screen. Was that a camera? Right when my imagination was about to run wild, Abby spoke up, "Zeus, if Toes still want to go I want to do what I can to help." Suzy nodded in agreement. My eyes almost popped out and I felt a squeeze in my gut.
"How come?" asked Zeus.
Tick ... tock ... tick ... tock ... the clock kept stabbing the thick silence in the room.
Suzy started to whisper, "Apollo did everything right, played as safe as he could, our hoomins did everything that could be done for him. Yet his time was up when his time was up. We can play it safe and I can guarantee nothing to nobunny. Toes can be just as right wanting to go and explore. Why should we rob him of that?"
Tick … tock … tick … tock …
"So, where do we go from here?" I asked.
"You tell me, Mr. Toes." said Zeus.
"For now we start with this little thing…" and he lifted the small, black olive like object with a wire coming out of it.
"It's a camera and a sensor all in one, it shows close to a 360 degree panoramic image. It also takes some measurements. For example, atmosphere content, temperature, mineral composition. Things like that. We think it can fit through the small gap Molly was able to create."
"Why the wire?" asked Molly.
"We had to compromise to keep it as small as we could. If we discover that there's something to explore in…,"
Zeus paused, "... in this thing, I'd like to send in this little feller."
Zeus rolled out something that looked like a mandarin orange, a small white ball, flattened a little on two sides. It was laying on its side when it suddenly separated down the middle, both sides separating and spread apart, exposing a small, fat disk inside. It rolled upright and now looked like two large wheels with a much smaller one between them, sharing a common axle.
"Hm…" commented Molly.
"If there's something to see, we can control it remotely or it can travel on its own. To be honest, I don't think we'll need it." added Zeus and continued, "That thing over there is probably some overgrown, hollow mushroom cap or something. No worries."
"I see. When's our next chance to be alone and get out then?" I asked.