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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Looking for a Vet recommendation in the Green Bay, WI area

Um, no, thank you, we're not looking for a vet.

- Thank you Gabrielle!

PS: However, Gabrielle is looking for a vet recommendation in the Green Bay, WI area, within 50-60 mile radius. 

http://rabbit.org/vet-listings/ only shows doctors that are about 3 hrs drive, so that's a bit of an issue. Hence she's hoping to find one that's closer. 

Pedro is doing well. Eating like crazy and making pellets. Last report says her paw is doing much better as well.


RG said...

No idea - I live far too far away. (But maybe the Packers are needing a V. E. T. this week too?) BTW - a great picture. Fall Life with Bunnies!

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

We have a great one here. Would you like me to ask about electronic encounters? The people who have been with our group a long time are incredibly knowledgeable. What about other information lines?