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Friday, October 30, 2015

Pedro - injured paw - call for feedback

Pedro came down with an injured paw and Gabrielle is asking for feedback on best way to proceed.

Here's what Gabrielle reports:

"Pedro was in her cage in the house. Because my grandma got diagnosed with cancer, I was  with her. I saw Pedro was limping. She is using her paw, but not a lot and it's kind of bent inward. She lifts it sometimes, lets me look and touch it without squealing. I called the vet and she told me to see how the weekend goes, because they aren't open and to make an appointment Monday if things don't change or get worse."

Would you go to the emergency vet or would you wait it out?

- Mr. Bun and


RG said...

That little vid clip does look odd - like maybe a sliver or sticker. Hard to imagine how a serious injury could happen without a lot of room to run or jump or fight. Try to take a real good look underneath if you can.

My call would be to wait and watch, but it is you and your bunny so whatever feels best!

Anonymous said...

Oh :( Poor Pedro! Is there any way she could have gotten a splinter or a piece of glass or something in her paw? I would also wait until Monday, but like RG said, do what you feel is best!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Gabrielle Pearce pedros mom said...

She lets me look at and touch her paw and leg

Little Miss Titch said...

She needs to see a vet but as long as she is eating and pooping ok I would say take her to the vet on monday unless it gets worse but to me it looks dislocated,but I'm no vet,keeping her in our prayers,xx Rachel