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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Did you find my red rose I left you?
 Would you like a round of disapproval games? 
If you survive I won't pee in your shoe. I PROOOOOMISE I won't.

- Thank you Jessica!


Anonymous said...

Mingus sure is a handsome bunny, looks like an albino French lop, with disapproval to spare : ) Ken & Kaci

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Right you are, Ken and Kaci. Recent research has shown that bunnies with long ears can store and concentrate their disapproval there. The principle is similar to what we know about a camel's hump. He really is a dear isn't he. There is really nothing like a bunny's reassuring promise.

RG said...

Yes that bunny is very dear. Just don't try to negotiate with it. Unless you don't value much of anything.

sallyneary said...

Also his ruff--I guess that is what you'd call the fleshy roll around his shoulders--lends him gravitas, a quality that enhances all disapproval.