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About X Plus Bun

X-Plus Bun

About X-Plus Bun

A series of short stories chronicling the exploits in space by rabbits and their friends.

Cast Members - present and past


A young, energetic and adventurous bun. Loves airplanes, astronomy and space travel. Likes to crack a joke when you least expect her. Occasionally enjoys watching and playing football.

Mr. Toes

Veteran of the group and "in relationship" with Abby. Sometimes, Mr. Toes gets called "Major Toes" in reference to David Bowie's "Major Tom". Mr. Toes dreamed all his life of becoming a bunstronaut.


Bunneh "mission specialist".


Ratty friend and adventure control specialist. Often acting as copcom ("capsule communicator"). Monitors the expedition members' vital signs, provides relevant info about the movements and activities of hoomins. Monitors all misssion critical systems.


Rescuee from the lab bust.


Rescuee from the lab bust.


Adventurist, artist, likes metal working and takes well to mechanical engineering.



Taking care of bunneh, ratties and cat appearing in the story, photography

Mrs. Angie

Story editing, taking care of and catering to Mr. Bun

Ijon Tichy The N-th

Story, site maintenance, taking care of and catering to Mr. Bun

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    Background Image Credit: Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA, Hubble): Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Hoping that every bun are still thumping and well. I understand that all good things must come to an end, but this was such an adventure. Hopefully, we can all be apart of their new adventures beyond the stars...