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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Supervising your hoomin in the field ain't very exciting, but somebunny's got to do it.

- Thank you Dawn!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Buddy X

It's an unattended snake; you know what I do to snakes, don't you?

- Thank you Stephanie!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Yeah, you have to get up and face it, you can't stay on the floor all day. Outside, there's a whole, brand spanking new M*nd*y waiting for you. And you'd be missed at the tar pits!

- Thank you Stephanie!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mr. Bun Update

Happy Bunn Day Everybunny :-)

Enjoying another trouble free week. Enjoying another special project day today. I'm getting a new bunndo. Yep, new box is waiting to be carved up and re-configured. Hoomin said he'll make it a little simpler this time. No wooden parts will be required today. All cardboard and pipe insulation ;-) 

Sneezing subsided a bit. We don't think it's much related to baby powder. We dind't observe any escalation in sneezing right after its application and sneezing seems to occure long after the application.

Yesterday we enjoyed the International Rabbit Day with a nice, long cuddle, plentiful headrubs and the first Harry Potter movie. I took all the headrubs I could stand, had a dozy nap and got all restless afterwards. I demanded to go back to my pad and my wish was granted.

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Disapprovers - Decisions, decisions

We stood in silence under the tree, trying to process what just happened. The cool breeze soothed my hot ears. Suzy was was the first one to come to her senses. She hopped over and started checking on me.
"How's it going Toes? Look at me, right here, right here!" She went to loosen my vest. "What have you got here? Water? ... snacks?" She was pulling stuff out of my pockets. "You know, this almost did you in, all that extra weight. Well, no matter, we got away, ... here, have a sip, not too much though! I don't want you drinking a lot now" and she handed me my water. I took couple of gulps and gave it back to her. Suzy went over to Abby and made her drink as well. Molly undid her vest and took it off. She sipped some water and flopped, then rolled on her back and played cat. She stretched out, paws spread out, mouf half open. You couldn't tell if she was napping, meditating, or doing who knows what. "Oh, smell the tree, guys" whispered Molly. The fraser fir smelled like xmas.
Suzy turned back to me again. She took the edge of my vest and felt it in her paws.
"Zeus, what are those vests made of?" asked Suzy.
"Carbon nanofiber, why?"
"I'm just wondering, it feels very light, like cheap nylon. I thought it might be made of kevlar or something like that."
"Nah, this is better. Are you asking if it can act as an armour? The answer would be yes and no. Yes, because the lady hawk wouldn't get her claws through it, the material is extremely strong. No, because she could have put an awful squeeze on him. Yeah, that would be bad."
"So you opted for light weight, eh?"
"Yeah, we had to decide on heavy armour versus light weight and mobility."
"Ok, Major, you got to stay awake here for me, got it?!?" said Suzy, looking into my good eye. Then she scratched me behind my ear.
"Zeus, how are we doing on time, when do we have to head back and how do we do it?!?" asked Abby. Agitated, she thumped a couple of times, she was turned away from us.
"You've got all the time you want" came back Apollo.
"Apollo, where's Zeus?" demanded Abby.
"He had to take a break, what do you need?"
"I just want to get out of here!"
"We just got here, what's the matter, Abby?" I asked.
"Nothing's the matter! I've had it and want to go back, we all need to go back!"
Suzy looked toward Abby, just watching her, Molly didn't seem to care a whole lot, she looked like she was deep in her state of bunn-vana.
Abby carried on, starting to raise her voice "We almost got eaten! We're freakin' defenseless here, haven't you noticed that?! Or maybe you just don't care anymore, but I do." She was almost sobbing now.
"There could be coyotes or foxes and there's not a bloody thing we could do to them! They could pick us off one by one!"
"It's not that bad..."
We all jumped! Suddenly Molly was upright and startled.
It was Bruno, we didn't notice him get close.
"I smelled a cayot here couple of months ago, but we think he was a transient" continued Bruno.
"Do we stay, do we go back, do we take a vote on it?" asked Molly.
"I think you have nothing to worry about now, you survived your close call, the buddy system worked. Not so long ago you could barely sneak away to the basement, remember?" interjected Bruno.
"Maybe we should have stayed upstairs" retorted Abby, still sounding mad.
"I'll escort you back if you really want to" offered Bruno.
"Apollo, where's the hawk's partner? Does she have one, is it possible they'll come back? Is this weather going to hold up?" asked Suzy.
"We don't really know where the hawk went, but we doubt this is her territory, we suspect this was an aberration."
"... so what about the weather?"
"It'll be fine until this afternoon, then we're expecting a quick frontal passage. Well, relatively quick, it'll probably get nasty for the rest of the day and night, but should be all clear and cool in the morning" said Apollo.
"Abby, we've been stretching this comfort zone of ours and it sure doesn't want to be stretched. We're stretching it anyway...," stated Suzy, "... do you really want to roll it all back? ... and what's going to happen next time we run into trouble? Are we just going to give in and give up?"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Cookie and Clover

Yes, we'll keep the bed. Would you like any assistance with setting your cardboard box in the kitchen? Or would you prefer the garage?

- Thank you Stephanie!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Petal, Tulip and Rose

Tulip: "Are you recording this, hoomin? Next time, double the mint, remember dill and raspberries for everybunny."

"Nanners, grab some nanners" added Rose. "Should we write it down for you?" implored Petal.

- Thank you Fleetie!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Harvey and Lilly

Hush your fussin', hoomin. It's our carpet, we can chew it if we want to.

- Thank you Stephanie!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Quit kissing me mom! I thought we're starting that indoor garden today!

- Thank you Erica!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mr. Wiggles

No beddie yet mee wanna stays up and watch TV wit me mummies and Daddys

- Thank you Jonathan!

PS: Blue glow of the TV to ward off the onset of M*nd*ys? We'll have to try it one night ;-)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mr. Bun Update

Last week, I was very suspicious when we unboxed Auntie Jane's gifts. So I watched from afar.

This week, the good news is that my sore spot at the base of my tail is completely healed! It overgrew with fresh fuzz. This time around, we stuck with regiment of baby powder after each baf. All the tender bits seem to be doing well.

Hoomin is worried about my breathing and sneezing. If my condition is age related, it's not any easier to deal with. He's always thinking about running with me to the vet. But, just for today, I'm doing ok.

I have a standing order for extra headrubs though. Hoomin has to make up for all the missing headrubs from last week. Hoomin almost didn't come up from the tarpits last week.

Mom tried to put together a bumper for my outstanding leg. She took some of the small items from Auntie and experimented with them. Each time I got it off my leg faster than they could scratch their heads.

They said they'll keep trying. I'm afraid they will, but that's their job ;-)

- Mr. Bun

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Disapprovers - Cardinals Rule

We started chinning everything in sight. This is our garden now and we’re marking it so. I started sniffing and inspecting greens coming out of the ground right around my paws. There was grass, little flowers, even some dandelions; fresh, crisp and juicy. I snipped one off and savored it. As I sliced through it, I tried to take in its fresh aroma. I had no idea how intense a simple green could taste.
We worked our way through the rows. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Molly and Suzy working over some parsley. Abby meandered across the rows checking everything out. Once in awhile you could see her pop up as she inspected greens from root to top.
I started to wonder as I hopped from green to green. Who taught me all this, how did I know what to look for, what to avoid, what to do? When I got to the first bunch of kale, I took a nip of it and tore out a big chunk from its leaf. Sitting up and noming I tried to recall when I last saw my mom. I tried to remember if we ever went out into the garden? I couldn’t tell if what I remembered really happened or not.
I sat and nomed slowly, my attention dissolving in the tastes, smells and this surreal reminiscing. I was taking my time to enjoy this new life.
Mr. Toes didn’t notice Abby telescoping, yelling and waving her paws at him. In the adventure control room Zeus sounded alarm for everybunny to take cover immediately. Zeus and Apollo watched as an unknown object slowly entered the tracker screen, drawing a circular path. It took them a moment to identify it as a large bird of prey. At first they thought it was an eagle. As data poured in, Apollo realized it’s not an eagle, but a female hawk. Because they’re bigger than male hawks, sometimes they get mistaken for eagles.
Suzy and Molly immediately scooted off toward the fraser fir in the back of the garden. As Abby spun around to do the same she noticed that Mr. Toes appeared to have been lost in own world, oblivious to everything around him. She stood up and yelled, “Major, cover! We have to run!” He didn’t seem to notice her.
“Somebunny get his fuzzy bum before the beast does!” came on Zeus.
Abby rushed toward Mr. Toes and almost knocked him over. She grabbed his vest and started pulling him toward the tree, hoping he’ll snap out of his stupor. He followed her, looking frightened, slowly returning to the shared reality. At least they were moving and Mr. Toes started to pick up his pace.
The hawk was taking her time to survey the pickings from high up, more interested in finding decent updrafts than snacks. But the day was getting on and it was time to think of something to eat. Easy pickings were always welcomed. Finally, she spotted something, looking like bunnies, but not quite.
In her black vest, Abby didn’t look like a typical bunn. Her head did, but not the rest of her body. Without the vest, all white, she would stick out like a sore thumb against the ground. So it took a while for the hunter to catch on and decide she may as well try going for one of them. Maybe the one standing still? The others were running for cover. She started preparing for the dive, trying to predict which way if any, would her prize try to flee.
Zeus was giving updates second by second; Frankie and Freddie came out of their burrows; it was their day off. So did Izzie and Millie. They stood around, staring at the tracker, watching the bird circling, Mr. Toes standing still and Abby running toward him.
They could only hope the bunns would get to safety of the trees before the bird could get to them.
The hawk had to make a lot of adjustments and calculations before she could drop on them. How high was she, which way was the air moving, was it gusty or steady? Now, everything depended on a split second timing. Situation was a bit more complicated though. Those bunns, if they were bunns, run for cover much, much sooner than they should have. She’s never seen that before. They weren’t supposed to have an idea that they were in danger. As she pondered this anomaly, she pulled her wing in and started gaining a lot of speed.
That little black and white feller sitting still, … that’s just too bad. Something was running toward that little bun and the hawk thought she might get both of them! She was really picking up speed now.
Zeus could only watch.
The hawk was fully committed to the dive, she was making the slightest of corrections now. She didn’t see the red ball of feathers about to blindside her. A small cardinal crashed into her head, feet first, blocking out her vision for a split second. But the hawk had too much energy now and that little collision could not stop her. Then she got hit from the other side and her trajectory was seriously altered. A third and a fourth hit! The hawk realized what was happened. She was getting mobbed by cardinals. She was still in a dive, but she knew she was just plunging toward the earth; the hunt was over. Ironically, she was under attack. The cardinals could it hurt her too much, but they sure could make her life miserable. And they knew it. Their pounding on the big, older hawk was relentless. In his younger days she could have snatched one of them in mid air just to make an example of it for the others, but she was too big and too slow. They were quicker and more agile, they could strike fast and get away instantly. The strong, powerful and frightening bird was getting outmaneuvered.
The best she could do was to arrest the loss of altitude and try to get away from the impertinent little fliers. She would have to look for food somewhere else.
The bunns were really working hard, speeding toward the old christmas tree. The day was warming up quite a bit now. Abby and Mr. Toes were really hot, their vest acting like heat collectors.
Every ratty friend in the control center was dumbfounded. Why would Cardinals attack the hawk in this time of year? The cardinals were not nesting anymore, the hawk didn’t really present any danger to them. Were they on a practice flight and this was an opportunity to pick on someone bigger? It didn’t matter now. They broke up the dive just in time and the hawk had barely time and energy to level off and climb away from them.
I had no idea what happened. I sensed that I had to follow Abby, that the situation was grave. Something inside of me took over and turned my mind blank. It drove my legs. My paws worked the hardest they ever did. I was really hot and getting hotter. We dove under the fir, plowing into the old needles and all sorts of decomposing matter.
When we picked ourselves up, we turned around and huddled with Suzy and Molly; and we watched the brawl in the sky. The hawk was trying to save her own hide instead of tearing up mine.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ziggy and Snowy

You're pointed the wrong way Snowy! The camera is more to your left and higher.

- Thank you Justine!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


How many ears do you see hoomin?!? How many?!? Stay with me, now, focus, try to focus!
I need coffea canephora, 500 milliliters, stat! Yes, I know it's nasty, but this one needs a real jolt!

- Thank you Mellissa!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


You're taking my picture when you should be giving me treats. Hoomin, I trained you better than that!

- Thank you John!

Monday, September 14, 2015


I'm so sorry, hoomin, I misunderstood. I thought you said you wanted a 'M*nd*y', not a 'medal'.

- Thank you Jenna!
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mr. Bun update - Thank You, Auntie Jane!

We received a care package from Auntie Jane on Friday and performed the proper un-boxing ceremony last night. There was tea for hoomins, who were ooohing and ahhhhing, and plenty of treats for myself. As we laid the items out, pictures were taken and stunning artwork that had taken many many hours, loads of materials and oceans of love to create, was admired, appreciated, enjoyed and treasured.

Hoomin made me try several pieces. I obliged, to a point of course. I think I liked the big, shawl like piece the most, it feels like being wrapped up in love and protection. It has a very nice, cozy feel to it. Hoomin mumbled something about appropriating that one for himself. We'll see about that. All in all we had a wonderful, holiday-like evening :-)

It was a nice finish to another quiet week. A few bum bafs were all the excitement we got. (Mommy was eyeing the artwork and plotting to make me a wheel. But of course, I will kick it off at the first possible opportunity.)
- Mr. Bun

PS: Pictures of art will have to re-taken though ;-)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Disapprovers - Paws on the Ground

For a while we sat and looked at the garden, feeling the cool, damp air flowing through the window and into the house. "Abby, you're first," said Suzy still staring at the open space. We secured and rolled out the rope ladder. "I want you to get across to the blueberry row as fast you can and keep a lookout," continued Suzy. Abby stuck her head out, trying to stretch out as much as she could. Then she leaned back in, then leaned out again, looked around, anxious. When she stretched out again and looked about, she leapt and was on the ground. She sprinted across, stopped at the first blueberry bush and turned toward us. Suzy was next. We secured a help line for her and clipped the carabiner to a ring on the front of her vest. Molly and I took a strong hold of the line as Suzy turned to face us, supporting herself on the very tips of her hind paws. We released a little bit of the line as she leaned back and eventually started walking down the wall, her back toward the ground. We kept releasing the line until her paws reached the ground. She then telescoped, unclipped the line, turned about and made a dash for the shrubberies.
Molly lept out as if it were normal, everyday routine for her. No hesitation, no looking about or pensive frowning.
Not me. I liked being last out. I savored the moment as much as I could. I think everyone started to get a little bit impatient when I saw Abby put her paws up in the air, waving "Get on with it already, will you?!?". I gave myself the old "ready-set-go" routine; for old time's sake. I rocked forward, then back, forward again and leapt out. After the eternity of a split second I was out and on the ground. My head felt overwhelmed, luckily for me, my hind paws remember what to do and got the rest of my body hopping over to the crew.
As I got closer to the girls, I wanted to binky, but the vest was too much like a straightjacket and what came out instead looked like a terrible hiccup, a hiccup so bad it levitated me. "What the heck was that, Major?," laughed Abby. "Folks, it's really hard to binky in these things" I said, "I just wanted to show you and spare you the embarrassment." I telescoped proudly and smiled. We got close together, noses in the center, snuggling for a moment, trying to take in what had happened.
Then Zeus came on, "... remember everybunny, no matter what you do - pair up! One is watching out when the other is playing, remember that! Now you have real fur in the game and this is for keeps!"
We all agreed that we needed to take a survey of the veggie garden just on the other side of this blueberry heaven. Well, the blueberry season was mostly over and the only lonely berries left were little dried up raisins and hidden deep in the bushes. We could not get to any of them just as the birds never got to them, so that's those berries were spared. But we'll be back. Oh, yes we will!
Abby and I made up one team and Suzy with Molly the other. We would meet on the other side of the garden, under the old, tall fraser fir. Of course, a lot of stuff along the way had to be sampled and tested. No bunn knew when anything here was REALLY tested. Thinking about sampling fresh greens made my jaws cramp so strongly I felt like my mouf was in a vise.
I noticed the clouds trying to clear out. Some of them were running away through the sky, while others tried to chase them, determined to block out any sun. But there were fewer of them than a minute ago. The light breeze felt great and the smells were like ... , well, they were like nothing I could recall. When I put my nose close to the ground, it smelled fresh. A real, fresh dirt, not some patchouli scented, hippie imitation of a memory buried long ago. The real stuff, right under my paws. I just knew the world could do no wrong today!
- Thank you Renee!
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