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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Latte Update

Greetings, Everybunny!

Friday morning, Latte had a follow-up visit at the V.E.T. We were supposed to have one next Saturday, but the hoomin got to thinking after looking at how the leg is healing.  So Momma vet looked at the leg under the surgery light and called it healed. The visit was quick, and they didn't charge us for the followup. We were back home in no time.

She is still trying to keep the weight off that leg though. Of course, we'll keep an eye on that leg just in case, but so far all is well. The area where the abscess was is a little enlarged, but that's supposed to be the scar tissue.

So we're ready to party tonight. We'll be tearing up the place and turning doughnuts on the couch.

- Espresso

Friday, December 29, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 8

"Joey and I watched the video stream from the scooter and lower deck area. Molly and Penny were coming in hot, and for a moment it seemed they would crash into the loading bay. But Molly slowed down in just the nick of time, glided over the ramp, and landed the machine as softly as a feather. She got out of her seat in a hurry and went to doff her flight combinaison. Penny remained slumped in her seat. Now we saw Abby and Pancake rushing toward her. Pancake opened Penny's helmet visor. I guess Penny had gone catatonic, as we only heard Pancake speaking to her, trying to get a response. Finally, Abby and Pancake undid Penny's straps and removed her from her seat.
Penny and Molly over the bipeds
Meanwhile, Molly stormed onto the flight deck. She was terribly shaken. For a moment, she ran around the deck in circles and thumped. Abby and Pancake brought in the unresponsive Penny. She just kept staring around blankly. Joey lifted the loading ramp and closed the main hatch. As Pancake tended to Penny, Abby joined us by the screen and commanded, "Let's see the fly over again!" Joey moved the video back in time, and we zoomed in on the strange figures for a better look, but the improvement of the images was marginal.
The creatures were a bunch of pale bipeds. Indeed, some were clad in skins. I felt sick to my stomach and collapsed into my seat. Some of those skins had to have come from bears. Some of the bipeds ran for cover; some were staring at the scooter. One of them tried to throw something at Penny and Molly. I had missed that before.
Molly on the couch
Molly stopped by as and seethed, "I say we take off and move the ship over there! We slowly run the engines in hover, and we burn 'em all!" She thumped. Then she thumped again. I was afraid she would shatter her foot. I turned to Joey and said, "Give me a paw here, will you?" We picked up Molly and put her on her couch. I moved the couch into a horizontal position. She came down a little and drifted off into a blank stare again.
"Major, have a look at this!" I heard Joey say. He zoomed out from the scene, paused the recording, and tapped the screen, "Right here, look at that." There were some tall, bulky bipeds milling about large, rectangular objects, like slabs of something. Those slabs were much, much larger than the biggest of the bipeds around them. Joey let me study the picture for a long while before he spoke again. "Maybe we could improvise a dry dock from those things? What do you think? If those blocks are made of stone, they could support the craft, at least for a while. I don't know how else we can cobble a repair bay." I grunted contemplatively but didn't say anything.
Abby moved closer to the screen, perhaps hoping to get a better view. She furrowed her brow and after another long silence said, "We could move the ship there. We have the loading dolly, I think. We could stand those slabs under the ship ... " Abby paused without finishing her sentence. After sensing that Abby might not finish, Joey tried to complete her idea. "We could raise the slabs, and the ship could sit on them. The ground around here seems firm enough. Even if we push those stones into the dirt over time, we might be able to see what the damage is under the skids. Abby nodded. "Yeah. It's worth a shot."
Mr. Toes
I looked at both of them and then fixed my gaze on the screen. "What kind of a hell hole is this? What happened here?" I looked at Penny and Molly, who were both still in shock, and wondered aloud, "How could evolution make such a mistake?"

Hoppy and Happy 6th Birthday, Rayla!

May as well put on the party hat! I'll celebrate my birthday and the New Year for days on end because I can, hoomin. Carrotinis, where are the bubbly carrotinis, hoomin?

- Thank you, Oona!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


See that bowl next to me? It's not overflowing with nutriberries!

- Thank you Mellissa and Collected moments - Bunnies

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kimmi and Drift

It's worse than you think, hoomin. Do you know what removes the stink eye? A nanner, hoomin, a nanner!

- Thank you, Kimbles!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Espresso Latte and Charlie Holiday Update

Distraction afoot! Hoomin, are you plotting something?
Breakfast served!


Greetings, Everybunny!

Hoomin had a day off today, so he did the right thing and fixed us a proper breakfast salaaaaad. And we are not talking about the usual plough bun's fare, of a pile of greens on a plate, either. He finally took out the proper bunware he got for us on sale after the Eduardo Chillida exhibit. He says he's apprenticing in the freshly invented, ancient art of bun salaaad arranging.

Well, it was all very yammeh. We're not sure if the bunware made it any better, but as long as he knows his priorities, we'll let it slide.

So what was in the salaaaad? Spinach, kale, parsley, Boston cabbage, chopped cawwots, mint, and waspberries.

We'll keep you posted,

- Espresso

Monday, December 25, 2017

Hoppy and Happy Christmas, Everybun!

Cinamon and Jake during the night watch last night

Jake's and Cinamon's stockings

Jake and Cinamon trying to make the 'nice' list ;-)

Greetings Everybun!

We would like to wish everybun a Hoppy, Happy and safe Holidays.

Thank you all so much for stopping by the blog during the past five years :-)

We had our first post on this day in 2013.

Fleetie helped us get started:

"Yes, hoomin. I'm a rabbit. I burrow in hay. What's YOUR 'party trick'? Please say 'Disappearing'."

- Thank you, Oona - Rayla, Melissa - Jake and Cinamon!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Espresso, Charlie and Latte Update - Hoppy X-Mas, Part 1

Greetings, Everybunny, Hoppy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Latte went to see Momma vet on Thursday, and the good news is that she is doing very well. We were a little concerned because her wound was healing very quickly and it was getting harder and harder to flush it. So we took a pic of her leg and sent it to the vet. She wanted to see Latte the next day. All is well for now. Latte got another round of antibiotic - we have two more days of that.

Latte hates the medicine, paws down! Espresso on the other paw tries to get some of that every time Latte has to take it. Go figure. We suspect Latte doesn't so much hate the medicine as the idea of being forced to take it.

We have a checkup appointment for Latte on the 6th of January. If all goes well, we might go back to work on the re-bonding of everybun. I miss having real bun friends. I keep grooming my floppy bunny toy, but that's not the same.

- Charlie

Saturday, December 23, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 7

"For a second, I thought 'Oh this is just too ridiculous.' But there it was, a bare naked bear, running toward our ship. I had never seen a bear like that, with no clothes on, no shoes, but just the way momma nature made her. Three little cubs followed her and seemed to be in just as dire shape as their mother was. Joey and I looked at each other. Should we help them? Should we let them onboard to see what had happened to them? We have seen bears before, usually at the orbital shipyards or onboard ships slated for long-duration expeditions. Those crews could build their own craft from scratch if you gave them enough raw materials. But these sorry ursai? The four of them vanished from sight as they went under the ship. We decided to do nothing. Whatever happened to those creatures, we didn't want it onboard. I felt awful about that.
Joey was as perplexed as I was and we didn't say anything. After what left like an eternity, the four bears came into view again as they headed back for the woods. Their momma lead they way once more, and the cubs followed her. Or to be more precise, they tried to follow her, more or less, but they were too preoccupied with frolic and mischief to pay any attention to momma. They rolled around, wrestled with one another and generally had a great time since the craft they just investigated didn't pose any danger to them. It was by pure coincidence that they kept on tumbling toward the woods. Finally, momma had enough! She stood up on her hind paws, turned toward her kids and stretched her mouf at them in what had to be a horrific, primordial roar. We couldn't hear it, of course, but I swear I could feel the console under my paw resonate and needles shot through my legs. She was one major Ursa if there ever was one!
The three little bears got the point and scrambled toward Momma. I guess they knew better than to make her really angry. After they disappeared back into the forest, the remainder of the night was uneventful. Joey and I must have fallen asleep in our seats. Next thing I knew, Abby was shaking my shoulder. I remember Pancake and the others looking at the surveillance video from the previous night. They kept staring at the screen, then at us, then at the screen and back at us. It went on like that for a while.
'Yeah, we have no idea either!' said Joey preemptively. The feral bears horrified everybun. Under normal circumstances, we would probably try to get to the bottom of such a splendid mystery, but we had to tend to our own problems.What maligned those unfortunates we may never know.
After a quick breakfast, Molly and Penny got ready for their reconnaissance flight. We decided it would be safest to test the scooter right over our ship. This way, if something went wrong, they could land nearby and wouldn't have to worry about getting lost in an unknown terrain. They could still see for quite a distance.
Molly and Penny
The morning was cloudy and chilly. Everything seemed to drown in the dense fog as far as we could see, which was a shame, considering the night was so bright. The weather system was moving swiftly.
Molly and Penny launched on the scooter around noon after it became apparent to us we would be socked in for Bun knows how long. At least we could test the telemetry and video stream from the scooter. Once we agreed that the scooter performed well enough, they rose as high as they could without going into the solid overcast. From above, we saw that the fog was not very uniform, and there were some clear patches. As Molly an Penny circled above, we noticed a thin line of smoke rising from the ground, maybe a mile or mile and a half away.
Joey and Mr. Toes
Our heartbeats picked up. 'We didn't have any lightning last night, did we?' asked Joey. 'No, I don't think so,' I responded. 'Doesn't look like a wildfire, does it?' asked Pancake. I became uneasy and said, 'I say it's artificial.' Abby nodded without taking her eyes off the screen and then said, 'Why don't we have a quick look?'
We heard Molly's 'Copy that!' as she and Penny headed for the source of the smoke, staying at their high altitude. At first, we couldn't make out a lot of detail in the video stream. The air was too misty, and they were still too high. As they started descending, we watched their altimeter slowly unwind. Imagery became clearer the lower they went. Now, they were directly over the source of the smoke and still descending. Noone made a sound. We saw Penny's heart rate go through the roof, and finally, we heard Molly, "It's okay, Penny; just one low pass and we're getting the hay out of here! Guys, are you getting this? '" asked Molly, sounding bewildered. On the ground, a pack of creatures scattered around. Some of them wore skins. Were those bear skins?
Mr. Toes
"Rog!" snapped Pancake. Somebun thumped, maybe Abby. I felt a sharp pain in my paw. I was so tense that I was ripping off the paw rest from my seat. Abby and Pancake took off for the main hatch in the loading bay. Joye and I watched the scooter gaining altitude and speed as it headed back toward our ship. For me, the scooter couldn't go fast enough.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Cinamon and Jake

This the weekend, hoomin! If you want in on the festivities, you better pony up!

- Thank you, Melissa!

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Thursday, December 21, 2017


You're just jealous, Jake. I told her I like the bow and now I'm her rasberrini tester!

- Thank you, Melissa!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


I love it mom, I love it! At least is not a bow on top of my head, right?

- Thank you, Melissa!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Don't you worry, hoomin. I'll come up with something...

- Thank you Mellissa and Collected moments - Bunnies

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Monday, December 18, 2017


 But really, don't push you luck, hoomin! Not on a M*nd*y if you know what I mean?

- Thank you, Aline!

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Latte Update

Greetings Everybunny!

Latte went to the vet first thing Tuesday morning. The procedure went well. Momma vet cleaned out the wound, sawed it up and gave her a shot of antibiotic and demonstrated how to flush the wound.

Well, the hoomins tried that the next morning and couldn't do it right. The serum dried up and "sealed" the wholes where the fluid had to go. So, Latte went back to the vet on Thursday morning, and the vet showed us again how to do it. This time the hoomin took a video of it. That made things easier at home. The hoomins watched a couple of times, no bunny fainted, and their stomachs settled down a bit.

Now we have to keep flushing it till Thursday or Friday. We'll go in Saturday for a checkup. I think I'll go with Latte as well. Just to keep her company, you know. Maybe I'll get a checkup and a nail trim myself!

The swelling has gone down in her leg, and it's almost the size of the healthy one. One hoomins is worried though that the incision is healing very quickly and it's becoming harder and harder to push the fluid in one opening and have it come out in another. The V.E.T might get a call about that tomorrow.

We'll keep you posted,

- Espresso

PS: Here's the flushing our vet did on Thursday morning.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

X-Plus Bun - Red Hop, Pt. 6

"We watched the temperature rising, and we wondered if the hot plasma would burn through the hull."
For a moment, I pretended to gaze up toward the main control panels and the forward-facing windows. In the corner of my eye, I saw Zoomer listening intently.
"... so, did it burn through?" implored Zoomer.
"Well, the temperature leveled off. Then, we noticed how dark the ground was. We made our initial descent over an area still experiencing night, and those parts were just pitch dark as if the power went out over the entire continent. That was only the beginning. Pancake called out our nav system defaulting to the magnetic compass. We weren't picking up any guidance from the satellites, so the autopilot kept switching to the magnetic compass for reference.
Joey and the warning lights
You see, we were heading for this big island shaped like a bunn sitting up on its hind paws. The whole thing is one giant park. You ought to go there if you get a chance. When we got visual contact with the ground, it looked like we were in the right area, but as we got closer, we realized we would never make the island if we followed our current heading.Abby finally turned off the autopilot and went to manual controls. We were pretty sure we had the right spot in front of us. There's no other island like that, so it was impossible to confuse it with something else. We recognized the coastline. From our altitude, everything looked right! Only the guidance computer kept protesting with a bunch of warning lights and chimes. Joey finally turned it off. Pancake turned on the panoramic recording of our approach. I have no idea what prompted her to do it, but it came in very handy later on.
At this point, we knew that our little vacation would be no picnic. The lower we dropped in altitude, the more dismayed we became. Where we expected to see the only cosmodrome on the island, we saw a thick, primordial forest. To be honest, we couldn't recognize the place anymore, and Abby started to look for any clear spot on the ground. We had to land somewhere. We found a couple of hills and a bit of a clearing in the woods. Abby set us down as gently as she could on top of the taller of the two hills. We waited at idle for a moment to see if the ground would shift under us. Joey had the shutdown checklist ready, and he rattled it off in a heartbeat the instance Abby called for it.
Zoomer - study
Then we sat there. Everybun seemed frozen in their seats. No bun wanted to make the first move even though our diapers had to be full. I knew mine was. Finally, Pancake wiggled out of her restraints and stumbled out of her seat onto the flight deck. Once the initial shock of it all wore off, a hopping mayhem broke out. A mix of pandemonium and emotional collapse in the likeness of an imploding star took over us. The girls wanted to do something, anything, while Joey and I couldn't get out of our seats. We were frozen stiff with fear.
Once we started to come to, Joey wanted to go out and have a look around. Abby yelled at him that if he touched the hatch, she would stab him in the neck with a tranquilizer. We decided that looking out of the windows would suit us just fine for now. Pancake and Molly resurrected an old, rusty hoverscooter from the storage area near the power plant. The thing turned on and looked like it was in a working order! We drew lots to see who would get to go on a little reconnaissance mission the next day; Molly and Penny got the honors.
Joey Molly and Penny
As our stomachs settled, we started thinking about two things: How were we going to fix the cover on the landing skid, and how in the hey would we get out wherever we were? We needed a dry dock for the first one and a miracle for the second. We definitely had one stinking, pickled carrot on our paws and not a picnic.
Joey and I couldn't sleep so we took the first watch. OK, we didn't need to keep watch, but we stayed up anyway. We turned down the lights on the flight deck and stared out the windows. We almost had a full moon and the night sky was crystal clear. We marveled at the forest a little downhill from us."
Lurking from the forrest Mr. Toes
I stole another glance at Zoomer. She was still with me; her nose kept twitching at a pretty good clip, so I carried on.
"Then, we saw something come out of the woods. Actually, we noticed it when it was halfway between our ship and the trees. We sure as hay didn't expect anything to come out of there and, when it did, our brains just tried to ignore it. Joey stood up in his chair ready to thump, but I put my paw on his back to calm him down. You know, it's funny how sometimes you stare at something and it just doesn't make any sense to you because you don't want to see it. My mouf dropped when I finally realized what was trotting toward us..."