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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Disapprovers - Decisions, decisions

We stood in silence under the tree, trying to process what just happened. The cool breeze soothed my hot ears. Suzy was was the first one to come to her senses. She hopped over and started checking on me.
"How's it going Toes? Look at me, right here, right here!" She went to loosen my vest. "What have you got here? Water? ... snacks?" She was pulling stuff out of my pockets. "You know, this almost did you in, all that extra weight. Well, no matter, we got away, ... here, have a sip, not too much though! I don't want you drinking a lot now" and she handed me my water. I took couple of gulps and gave it back to her. Suzy went over to Abby and made her drink as well. Molly undid her vest and took it off. She sipped some water and flopped, then rolled on her back and played cat. She stretched out, paws spread out, mouf half open. You couldn't tell if she was napping, meditating, or doing who knows what. "Oh, smell the tree, guys" whispered Molly. The fraser fir smelled like xmas.
Suzy turned back to me again. She took the edge of my vest and felt it in her paws.
"Zeus, what are those vests made of?" asked Suzy.
"Carbon nanofiber, why?"
"I'm just wondering, it feels very light, like cheap nylon. I thought it might be made of kevlar or something like that."
"Nah, this is better. Are you asking if it can act as an armour? The answer would be yes and no. Yes, because the lady hawk wouldn't get her claws through it, the material is extremely strong. No, because she could have put an awful squeeze on him. Yeah, that would be bad."
"So you opted for light weight, eh?"
"Yeah, we had to decide on heavy armour versus light weight and mobility."
"Ok, Major, you got to stay awake here for me, got it?!?" said Suzy, looking into my good eye. Then she scratched me behind my ear.
"Zeus, how are we doing on time, when do we have to head back and how do we do it?!?" asked Abby. Agitated, she thumped a couple of times, she was turned away from us.
"You've got all the time you want" came back Apollo.
"Apollo, where's Zeus?" demanded Abby.
"He had to take a break, what do you need?"
"I just want to get out of here!"
"We just got here, what's the matter, Abby?" I asked.
"Nothing's the matter! I've had it and want to go back, we all need to go back!"
Suzy looked toward Abby, just watching her, Molly didn't seem to care a whole lot, she looked like she was deep in her state of bunn-vana.
Abby carried on, starting to raise her voice "We almost got eaten! We're freakin' defenseless here, haven't you noticed that?! Or maybe you just don't care anymore, but I do." She was almost sobbing now.
"There could be coyotes or foxes and there's not a bloody thing we could do to them! They could pick us off one by one!"
"It's not that bad..."
We all jumped! Suddenly Molly was upright and startled.
It was Bruno, we didn't notice him get close.
"I smelled a cayot here couple of months ago, but we think he was a transient" continued Bruno.
"Do we stay, do we go back, do we take a vote on it?" asked Molly.
"I think you have nothing to worry about now, you survived your close call, the buddy system worked. Not so long ago you could barely sneak away to the basement, remember?" interjected Bruno.
"Maybe we should have stayed upstairs" retorted Abby, still sounding mad.
"I'll escort you back if you really want to" offered Bruno.
"Apollo, where's the hawk's partner? Does she have one, is it possible they'll come back? Is this weather going to hold up?" asked Suzy.
"We don't really know where the hawk went, but we doubt this is her territory, we suspect this was an aberration."
"... so what about the weather?"
"It'll be fine until this afternoon, then we're expecting a quick frontal passage. Well, relatively quick, it'll probably get nasty for the rest of the day and night, but should be all clear and cool in the morning" said Apollo.
"Abby, we've been stretching this comfort zone of ours and it sure doesn't want to be stretched. We're stretching it anyway...," stated Suzy, "... do you really want to roll it all back? ... and what's going to happen next time we run into trouble? Are we just going to give in and give up?"


RG said...

And, once again ... the popcorn is eaten and the jujus are gone and still no end to this soap opera in sight. Stay tuned ....

Little Miss Titch said...

Hehehe Us adventure bun need to stick together!why don't you just stop by my place for a party?xx Speedy