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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Disapprovers - Paws on the Ground

For a while we sat and looked at the garden, feeling the cool, damp air flowing through the window and into the house. "Abby, you're first," said Suzy still staring at the open space. We secured and rolled out the rope ladder. "I want you to get across to the blueberry row as fast you can and keep a lookout," continued Suzy. Abby stuck her head out, trying to stretch out as much as she could. Then she leaned back in, then leaned out again, looked around, anxious. When she stretched out again and looked about, she leapt and was on the ground. She sprinted across, stopped at the first blueberry bush and turned toward us. Suzy was next. We secured a help line for her and clipped the carabiner to a ring on the front of her vest. Molly and I took a strong hold of the line as Suzy turned to face us, supporting herself on the very tips of her hind paws. We released a little bit of the line as she leaned back and eventually started walking down the wall, her back toward the ground. We kept releasing the line until her paws reached the ground. She then telescoped, unclipped the line, turned about and made a dash for the shrubberies.
Molly lept out as if it were normal, everyday routine for her. No hesitation, no looking about or pensive frowning.
Not me. I liked being last out. I savored the moment as much as I could. I think everyone started to get a little bit impatient when I saw Abby put her paws up in the air, waving "Get on with it already, will you?!?". I gave myself the old "ready-set-go" routine; for old time's sake. I rocked forward, then back, forward again and leapt out. After the eternity of a split second I was out and on the ground. My head felt overwhelmed, luckily for me, my hind paws remember what to do and got the rest of my body hopping over to the crew.
As I got closer to the girls, I wanted to binky, but the vest was too much like a straightjacket and what came out instead looked like a terrible hiccup, a hiccup so bad it levitated me. "What the heck was that, Major?," laughed Abby. "Folks, it's really hard to binky in these things" I said, "I just wanted to show you and spare you the embarrassment." I telescoped proudly and smiled. We got close together, noses in the center, snuggling for a moment, trying to take in what had happened.
Then Zeus came on, "... remember everybunny, no matter what you do - pair up! One is watching out when the other is playing, remember that! Now you have real fur in the game and this is for keeps!"
We all agreed that we needed to take a survey of the veggie garden just on the other side of this blueberry heaven. Well, the blueberry season was mostly over and the only lonely berries left were little dried up raisins and hidden deep in the bushes. We could not get to any of them just as the birds never got to them, so that's those berries were spared. But we'll be back. Oh, yes we will!
Abby and I made up one team and Suzy with Molly the other. We would meet on the other side of the garden, under the old, tall fraser fir. Of course, a lot of stuff along the way had to be sampled and tested. No bunn knew when anything here was REALLY tested. Thinking about sampling fresh greens made my jaws cramp so strongly I felt like my mouf was in a vise.
I noticed the clouds trying to clear out. Some of them were running away through the sky, while others tried to chase them, determined to block out any sun. But there were fewer of them than a minute ago. The light breeze felt great and the smells were like ... , well, they were like nothing I could recall. When I put my nose close to the ground, it smelled fresh. A real, fresh dirt, not some patchouli scented, hippie imitation of a memory buried long ago. The real stuff, right under my paws. I just knew the world could do no wrong today!
- Thank you Renee!
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Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Hurray! Noses together! One for all, and all for one!

Anonymous said...

All hail the triumphant bunny marines! Semper Lepus!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

"Semper Lepus!" That's fantastic, Jen.

Little Miss Titch said...

Yippee the Musketeer Buns!xx Rachel

sallyneary said...

Does Molly have a scrape on her wee nose? Is it from all the secret night activity?