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Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Disapprovers - Rubbery Recall

Last Week on the Disapprovers: The crew is working on a list of shelters and rescues that can take care of the critters after evacuation from the lab. Zeus, Mila, and Bruno snuck out of the house to reach Singularia. Mr. Toes with Frankie and Freddie work on orbital mechanics for his R and R project.
I started to feel giddy and couldn't get down to the basement fast enough. Abby went with me, but Suzy and Molly stayed put and kept compiling the list of rescues. Suzy said that was too important, and she was getting a bit annoyed with Zeus' antics. Of course, Frankie and Freddie went with us. When we got down, the round door of the pot belly stove was ajar, and two little, ratty faces were poking out. Zeus and Mila! "What took you so long?!?", grinned Zeus. "Hey, we just got the news, man," replied Abby.
Molly & Suzy
I was looking at Zeus with apprehension. I wanted to know if this was really Zeus in front of me, or something Zeus-like? And what is it with the stove? I got closer to the stove and sniffed it. I sniffed Zeus and Mila. They seemed to be ok, or at least my nose didn't pick up anything unusual about them.
"Is it really you, Zeus?" I managed to ask.
"As far as I can tell, Mr. Toes" replied Zeus.
"I mean, is it really you and not some fantastic 'screen-saver' of you, made up of exotic subatomic particles?"
"You got me; I thought we are all a fascinating mix of strange, subatomic particles. What's the difference, anyway? Are you worried there's another me, left behind in Singularia?"
"Something like that," I mumbled slowly and kept my eyes on him.
"No, there isn't another me, left behind in Singularia," said Zeus with a dead serious look on his face and continued, "I asked her if she can make a remote outstation, and can she serve as a two-way transport layer? You know, to move about and still occupy only a single spot on the space-time continuum. I sure hope there isn't another me floating around." Zeus winked.
Mila crawled out of the stove and laid down on the floor with her eyes closed. "It's her first time, isn't it?" I asked, knowing better. Abby moved over to her and stroked Mila's head, whispering "It's gonna be ok, your stomach will settle soon, and you'll be fine. The first excursion can make you a little sick, isn't that right, Major?"
"Yeah, she'll be okay. Can Abby and I go on a little tour of Singularia?"
"Oh, come on, Mr. Toes!", snapped Abby, "Can't you see she's sick?!?"
"I'm ok, the dizziness made me sick to my gut; it's passing now," Mila growled, but Abby's eyes were still narrow little slits. I was starting to smell my whiskers getting singed. I could tell Abby was still frying me with her look. A good while had passed before she cooled off.
"We'll take Mila upstairs, and you guys play with the stove, see what you can figure out," said Zeus with a smile.
I said, "First, we better suit up. Abby, you'll need a good grip on me." So we did, the suits were stashed away in the basement after our last expedition.
Molly Suzy
Abby took a good grip on me, and I crawled into the stove. She followed me. I was amazed that we both fit in that little space. It was very dark, and I felt Abby's grip tighten. I started seeing my own, faint glow, but it took a good moment for Abby to illuminate. "Can you see me now?" I asked.
"Oh my bun! I can, is that really you? And what happened to me, to my paws?!?"
"I think you got 'instrumented'. So, um, ... I want to go to the wreckage. Please." I really felt like I've gone bonkers and I was glad no bun could see me. "Who are you talking to, Toes?" whispered Abby. "Singularia, I think, or hope at least."
"What wreckage?" an answer-question appeared in my head. "The one you're in, a few yards ... that way, I think, and a bunch of yards below the surface. You know, where the central part of you is. That's where most of you is, right?"
"What's the exact location?"
"I don't know; that's all I remember. I can show you how I got there from this place."
"Let me see; maybe I can help you."
Really? Where else was she?
What did she mean by "Let me see"? I wondered. Abby kept silent, watching in disbelief.
Mr. Toes
I felt like someone was sifting through my memories, digging through them like little rubbery toys, glued to one another, never really separating them completely.
"Oh, there it is, is that what you mean?" something asked.
"Did you just rummage through my head?", I asked, more indignant than fascinated.
"Your head? It's my head too. You can peruse through 'mine' if you like. You do realize that now, the distinction between you and me is purely academic. From a practical point of view, it's hard to tell 'you' from 'me'. The same goes for your friend."
That's a fantastic neutrino pudding I got us into.
"Ok, can we get on with it at least. Do you have what you need to find the wreckage?"
Soon, I noticed the surroundings change. The glowing tumbleweed appeared and the lit up threads started stretching from our bodies.
Mr. Toes
"What do you mean 'done'?"
"You're there, just move forward and you'll exit through the boundary layer."
I got a good grip on Abby, even though I could feel her holding on to me for dear life. We moved forward and sure enough came through the boundary. Our heads were sticking out, and we were staring at the illuminated chamber and the insides of the wreck.
We slowly crawled out, and I asked Abby how she was feeling?
"Wow! I'm all right, I... I don't even feel sick. Not one bit!"


Anonymous said...

Wow! The buns and ratties created a sentient stargate with a pot bellied stove! So, does this mean they can go to other locations as well? Can they 'dial-in' different destinations? The suspense!
(And the very first picture of Toes&Abby is just the sweetest thing ever :)= )
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

RG said...

Don't they ever stop to eat?