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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Espresso and Latte Update

Greetings, Everybun!

Every day, we're making a bit more progress in the bonding arena. There's less and less fighting, and we get along better. We're inducing perplexia in at least one of our hoomins when we rest, stretched out side by side - the pen barrier between us. We look like the best of buddies, like the best snorglers ever. Take out the divider, and we'll do fine for a while, even a long while, and inevitably we start to circle bun another. Even fur will fly if hoomins are not quick enough to intervene.
Well, hoomins are such a hopeful lot, they want to believe that they believe that they will overbun.

- Espresso and Latte


Anonymous said...

D'aaawwww! These two are so sweet; I love Espresso's 'eyebrow-shaped' fur that enhances his disapproval look. Keep bonding, little buns; you have very kind hoomins who feed you happy salads :)=
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

sallyneary said...

Hmmm... are you sure these two are rabbits? The behavior sounds very cat-like.

Unknown said...

Love those so beautiful pictures!!! They are so super cute together. Thanks for sharing:)