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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I've reviewed you plans for turning the front lawn into veggie patch zen garden.
It's mostly OK. You'll have to take down the garage though and then you just might have the minimum area required. Also, see how much horse manure you can get for the car.

- Thank you Jamie!


  1. What a sensible bunny, a clear-sighted organizer who takes oversight seriously. Jamie, I am sorry to say, I am a bit jealous. Does Yoshi do consulting? Training seminars? We have just the right position for this splendid rabbit, if there is any chance of an embrace of a different position. We'd like Yoshi to be our new boss. We almost wept when we read about Yoshi reading your plans. Call us!

  2. I like this bunny's thinking!

    Now Yoshi, you must put the plan into action. Apply "some pressure" to the hoomin(s) to get up and get diggin'!

    You can don your yellow hard-hat and act as the site forebun!

    Send us some updates, and when it's all done, send us photos!

    Clever bunny! <3

  3. I too can use a bun to oversee my yard work. Yoshi is so decisive.

  4. Hey wanna plan mine with Speedy?xx Rachel