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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today I'll just pretend I'm not watching you.

- Thank you Merle!


  1. And, Debbie, just exactly how does that differ from pretending you are watching us? Why do I always have to be the one who asks the hard questions?

  2. Because they are "Always Watching You!" thats why Jane....hahaha,xx Rachel

  3. Yeah. Bunnies have a hard time pretending. That is what I do in terms of bunny chores - according to them - mostly. I bet none of us can help but sneak a peeky at this cutey!

  4. Wow! Debbie is a beautiful girl! Look at that pretty bunny face!

    I doubt that we stoopid hoomins should be looking at her, because she is too good for us! We are not worthy to look upon that furry visage!

  5. But, Fleetie, if we don't get to look at her, we are only left to meditate on her name, and over here that means thinking about little cakes. I know a certain vulnerability accompanies peeking at bunnies, but what could be worse than thinking about little iced cakes all day?