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Thursday, April 17, 2014


... words are very unnecessary...

- Thank you Tara!


  1. There's a new game we like to play, you see;
    A game with added reality:
    Treat me like a hoom, get me down on my knees;
    We call it "Master and Hoomin";
    Let's play "Bunneh and Hoomin"!

    Let's play "Master and Hoomin"; come on: "Bunneh and Hoomin"!

    - "Master and Hoomin", by Depeche Bun!

    Certainly, Tallulah looks capable of sufficient Disapproval and strictness to be able to dominate us stoopid hoomins!

  2. Tallulah, you own me. I am yours. Oh, dear, oh dear, little pink bunny tongues! Swooooons.....

  3. If this be disapproval and upon me proved, I never talked to the tail, nor no bunny ever thumped.

  4. That is a superb rasberry Tallulah!xx Rachel