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Monday, April 14, 2014


Look, I don't know how you got in here, but you can't go on the snake hunt with.
Too dangerous, we'll have to lack you up in the potato bin in the basement. For your own safety you understand.

- Thank you April!

PS: Clover (female mini- lop with "flying nun" ears) her husbun Furrgus, a holland lop is in the background


  1. I love it that the bunnies look after us, even if it is just that they look after us we march down into the potato bin.

  2. Hehehe love being bosed about by a bunny,xx Rachel

  3. I can totally hear the accent. It slays me.

  4. Furrgus is giving us the Red Eye of Disapproval. Better back out of that hidey spot.

  5. I have not been locked up in the potato bin for quite awhile now ... I hope it is still habitable ...

  6. Clover, are you talking about those rj-45 and power cable snakes? ;-) You know, they will be back. But I'm sure you'll do a fine job. Make sure you lock up that bin good ;-)

  7. Clover and Furrgus know that we hoomins are useless, and that lying in the potato bin is about as good as we deserve!

    And being hoomins, we'll probably mess even that up! Maybe at least they'll let us out to do the BunChores. Maybe?