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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Look at me! Why are you late with my nutriberries again? You're doing the rest of your weekend in the dandelion field.

- Thank you April!

PS: Tyler is a male mini-rex/dutch mix


RG said...

Oh my .. that mix of bunny-breed must be the softest bundle of mischief ever! Better scrabble up a LOT of dandelions.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

But, Tyler, I want to stay here all day and nuzzle with this facsimile of you. How can you be so cute?

Fleetie said...

"Now, scuttle, hoomin! Scuttle off and bring me my nutriberries! Bounce! Ah! No! No! Don't start speaking! Scram! Hoomins should be Disapproved Of, not heard!

Now! Now I've got rid of that hoomin, I can get back to recording the demo of my new song! Mic on! Tape rolling! Hit it!


Kelly Moore said...

Fleetie, you just made my M*nd*y! I'm not even an Aerosmith fan but I am on the floor laughing at the brilliant reference. Also on the floor groveling, wishing I had nutriberries to humbly offer to Tyler. Also also, gazing longingly at the green grass in Tyler's backyard, and wishing spring would finally arrive....

Fleetie said...

Kelly, neither am I an Aerosmith fan! I literally know NO OTHER words from that song! It's not that I dislike the band, I just don't know them/it. :-)

PS. This M*nd*y is sucking like few things have sucked before. Ok, slight exaggeration, but I am in a bad mood today.

sallyneary said...

This is one well-snouted bun, I tell you what!