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Monday, March 31, 2014

Mr. Bun Says ...

...those carrot tops are great, bet the carrots are coming up nicely.
You must be up to something....

- Mr. Bun

PS: Thank you Angie for the carrot patch ;-)


  1. What a handsome rabbit you are, Mister Bun!

    So have the hoomins planted carrots for you? You do have them well-trained! Clever bun!

    But yes, you are right: Bunnehs must be ever-vigilant of their hoomins! Bun never knows when stoopidity may arise!

    (Although I have to say, your hoomins are very nice hoomins, so I would trust them more than most hoomins!)

    Keep up the good work, Mister Bun, and keep those hoomins scuttling! :-)

  2. Fleetie, in the homes of the most liberal and kindly bunns, I have seen little plaques hung on the walls that say, "If you ate a carrot today, keep them scuttling." It always makes me feel a bit teary. Such a beautiful sentiment.

  3. Slave to Bun nananana nananana Slave to Bun and I can't escape I'm a slave to Bun...

    1. Ha ha! I recognised that! I thought it was Bryan Ferry or Roxy Music, and it was him!

  4. Mr. Bun looks so perfect in this setting--just like a little wild bun.

  5. Just trying to do my job and keep up, Mr. Bun.