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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Disapprovers - Cosmic Pantomime

Last Week on the Disapprovers: Mr. Toes enters a strange environment wehere he experiences time dilation fenomenon. He visualizes being with Abby, on the surface, in the most extremely vivid, and tangible way.
I had to think for a second. They didn't believe me about what went on in there. When my belleh started feeling better, I proposed we all go back in there. Suzy reminded us that we really needed to think about getting back to the top. Molly and Zeus looked at me funny and thought I conked my head, but for the sake of amusement, they agreed to play along. I explained to them what to expect and how to reduce the disorientation by keeping their eyes closed once inside. They seemed sceptical about how helpful visualizing of a happy place would be, but they agreed to try it anyway.
Mr. Toes
I kept my tether on, we took grips on each other's sides and we marched in through the boundary.
At first, I still got a little queasy, but at least I could see right away and I really enjoyed the view. The glowing threads connected with me immediately. I had a good, strong grip on Molly and Zeus, but couldn't really see their silhouettes until they were covered with the glowing mesh the same way I was. Once the threads connected with them and I could clearly make out their shapes and positions, I tagged onto them. "Hey, look around!" Molly opened one of her eyes very slowly. She seemed tense and apprehensive. Brave, little Zeus felt the same at first, but his expression quickly changed.
Abby Suzy
Wait, did they really hear me? Could they hear me? How? My own voice still sounded muted, so if they got what I said, it could not have been through the sound waves. None the less, both responded. And then I saw Molly's mouf moving and her voice was glittering right inside my head, "You weren't kidding, Major!"
I said, "Keep still for a while. I'll let go of you. Please, look at me and focus on the tip of my nose, and try to get closer to me." I let go of Molly, gently opening my paw withdrawing it. After a second, she locked her gaze on my nose and sure enough, drifted toward me. Zeus did the same exercise. They practiced moving about, back and forth. Molly binkied. She closed her eyes and binkied some more. I didn't know where she went in her imagination, but judging by her binkis, it's been a very long time since she saw her happy place. Then she got very still, as if she tried to make herself invisible in a corner. If I had seen her like that at home, I'd have raised an alarm because she'd definitely need a doctor.
Zeus was busy doing a pantomime of some incredible kind. He was running in place, then jumping, his front paws struggling with something, then crouching and lying low, observing, tracking something with his head, running and jumping again. Then he froze, stretched out, standing up with his head heavily tilted to one side, as if peering into something high above his head.
Suzy and Molly
I let myself enjoy the moment and watched them explore whatever they imagined. I could hardly wait to ask them where they went. After what seemed like a long while, I called out to them, to see if they could still hear me. Molly perked up immediately, but Zeus hesitated until I called him again. He had the biggest grin I've ever seen on his little, ratty mouf! Molly, however, looked the saddest I've ever seen a bun look. She floated toward me and turned to gaze at the glowing tumbleweed. I didn't blame her. I had a hard time taking my eyes off those glowing threads myself.
MOlly and Suzy
"So, what is this? Where are we, really?" asked Zeus.
"Medical service unit."
We looked at each other and at the same time asked, "What did you say?" Funny, it had to be Zeus, but it just didn't sound like him. Molly still seemed very detached, I knew it wasn't her speaking.
"A what unit?!?" asked Zeus.
"Medical service unit."
My mouf rolled down. Zeus' eyes started to pop out and his mouf slowly started to gape.
"Whom do you service and how?", asked Molly, taking us by surprise.
"Whomever requires intensive, remote molecular assistance."
"... can you explain 'remote' and 'molecular'", followed up Zeus.
"Once you enter here, your molecular structure becomes instrumented and a remote model of you gets reconstructed at a specified location to receive assistance. Whatever is applied to the model of you, gets applied to you at the same time ."
"How do we provide you with those coordinates?" asked Zeus.
"Simple, numeric values will do for a local destination. Equations for the complex ones are better. Especially if orbits are involved."
"Do you know anything about the larger object we're in right now?", I asked.
"I have only limited information, purpose of the object remains undetermined. Time and place of origin are also undetermined."
Mr. Toes
"Can we see whatever you know about this place?", asked Molly.
Then I noticed I could see a model of the wreckage we were in. I could also see charts and symbols. It had to be something related to the former inhabitants' of this place. Zeus was shaking his head.
"Zeus, are you getting this, too?" I asked. He nodded.
"Let's go back!", said Molly, squinting her eyes and grinning.


RG said...

It's aliens. They are here and causing this issue ....

almtsbb said...

Yes, I think you're right RG.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the ratties and bunns can rig up a system using their 'beaming' skills to beam back into the house in case the hoomins return home unexpectedly? Or in case they do indeed encounter aliens!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Mister Bun said...

Spot on! That's exactly the issue we were trying to figure out this morning ;-) There have to be some means of going back and forth! What if they have to evacuate their hoomins because 'the cigarette man' got a whiff of..., of that thing ;-)

sallyneary said...

Someone has been watching X-Files, I gather. Well if any animal has some sort of connection to the alien world, I would guess it would be rabbits.