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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

No, the carrot wasn't that red. It was very hammeh and orangy. And it was by my mouf first thing this morning. Along with oxbow supplements and papaya tablet.

No complaints this week. Couple of bafs, couple of blow dries. Plenty of snorgles.

Oh, if you have any disapproval to spare, please do. We're out. Mikey and Gabrielle will save M*nd*y and then we're empty handed. Sigh ... he said he'll resort to posting doodles. Good grief!

- Mr. Bun 


RG said...

I'm late - power out. Back on now - I guess the Big Bunny in the Sky disapproved of an early spring here in the Pacific NW. Good news on Mr. Bun. Bad news on disapproval - get going everyone - what will we do without our "daily dose?"

Little Miss Titch said...

Just sent a few photos to you,use them all,good news on the report,xx Rachel

sallyneary said...

Alas I have no personal rabbits to disapprove for the site. Have you considered the idea that rabbit people are now better equipped, due to reading this site and its predecessor, to meet the needs of their buns, so the buns don't have as much to disapprove of? Think about it--I'm sure there are many who learned about carrotinis here, as well as the proper use of Craisins.