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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mr. Bun Update

Well, yes, those are some edible flowers. I couldn't tell what kind exactly. I nomed the carrots tops and mint first and saved the flowers for later. Couple or raspberries went down right away as well. All the stuff was yammeh and crispeh.

My hoomin tried to push on me papaya tablets that are not from Oxbow, but they're so meh, I made him order the proper ones. He did. They'll ship all the way from Japan. Go figure.

Other that that, my belleh is fine, undercarriage all good, pellets are beautiful as well and bum bafs not too bad. Looking forward to snorgling through another week ;-)

- Mr. Bun


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that saaalad sounds awesome! Good to hear that your papaya treats are on the way; Kohl turned his little nose up at anything that was not Oxbow as well.
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Little Miss Titch said...

well if it's not Oxbow then we don't want it do we,good news on the report front and thank you for the photos too,xx Rachel and SPeedy

RG said...

Shilling for Oxbow - eh Bun? Shameless. Glad the health and eating report is good - a Poster Bunny needs all that!

Anonymous said...

Nom, nom, nom, nothing to see here just a bunny having a salad :) Ken & Kaci

sallyneary said...

So am I to understand that you tried to give your bun an off brand papaya supplement? I can't believe that you risked disapproval so brazenly.