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Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Disapprovers - Garden, Sweet Garden

Abby turned to Bruno and said "Apollo, can you recommend a return itinerary?"
"Straight through the garden, it's all clear."
"Bruno, let's go." said Abby.
Abby turned to us and said "Sorry guys, I'm just too upset right now," and she started moving toward the house, right down the kale alley.
I felt stunned. All this was my fault. Now the crew was in disarray; Abby, the level headed bunn that did her best to save my hide was leaving us. I was close to panic. I planted my duff on the ground and spread my front paws for stability. I could feel my body turning into jelly, starting with my toes and spreading up through my legs and torso.
"I'm really sorry guys, I didn't mean for any of this to happen. If you think we should go back, let's go back." I said.
I sat watching Abby follow Bruno. She stopped and then we saw Bruno turn his head toward her, his tail flowing calmly side to side. Looked like she paused to nom some kale.
No one said anything and the silence felt heavy. Only the cardinals didn't seem to care about any of this. They sat in the tree and carried on, cheerful and loud. Maybe they were debriefing their sparring with lady hawk? I wished I could join them.
"I want to stay here a little longer." said Molly.
"Me too. How are you holding up, Toes?" added Suzy.
"Not so good."
"Don't worry about it, we're ok, that's what matters, Abby needs to do what she needs to do to care of herself. As long as we go back before the bad weather rolls in we'll be fine."
Then Suzy settled down like a little Sphinx and shut her eyes. "Keep an eye on her until they make it to the window…." whispered Suzy, "... and stay together if you're going to wonder off."
We watched Abby nom and nom fresh greens. Bruno sat down, his head on a swivel, looking around. After a while they got up and moved on, Abby hopping briskly, they got to the house.
I turned to Molly and asked if she would go with me, I had an idea for dispelling my anxiety. "Molly, care to join me for a little dig?" I asked.
Molly obliged and we moved away from the tree. I didn't want to tangle with its roots, I just wanted to let off some steam and let the dirt have it. I wanted to have an easy go at it.
"Toes, what's the big idea now?" asked Molly.
I didn't answer, I just looked at her and started clawing into the dirt. I clawed hard, both front paws were ripping as hard as I could make them. After a minute Molly demanded we switch, "Hey, let me in there, you take a break Major, how about it?"
I stopped and let her take over.
"Apollo, change in plans, we're going back to join the crew; common Bruno." we heard Abby.
"Proceed as requested." came back Apollo.
"Aren't you going to advise me to 'Rejoin the crew at my own risk?'" quipped Abby.
"We think you know what you're doing, by all means, you may resume your own navigation and rejoin your crew when able and at your own risk!" laughed Apollo.
Suzy perked up and raised her head, watching Abby and Bruno rush toward us. Abby slid under the tree and nose bonked Suzy. She then turned and headed for us. She chinned and nosebonked Molly; ran over to me and did the same.
"When I got to the house I realised I really do want to be with you guys."
We nose pressed for a long time without saying a word.
"I think I needed a walk to clear my head. Enjoy your dig now, Mr. Toes. I'm going to flop next to Suzy."
She hopped off and we got back to digging. Molly and I would switch places every so often and the hole kept getting bigger. I tried to pay attention and be vigilant when it was my time to be on the lookout. The birds sang their best to distract me. We had a wonderful weather, dirt to play in, a bird concert and we were surrounded by noms.
I started getting hungry, it was time to raid the garden again. This time with my paws on the ground and my head in the moment.


RG said...

Never leave a garden un-nommed?

Little Miss Titch said...

Garden Nomming is a must :) xx Rachel