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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yammeh, really yammeh. How did you get the idea? I'm surprised. I'll take 2 cases a week, ok?

- Thank you Laura!


  1. I think Arrow is saying that Laura is actually doing something right here. Or again, maybe the "2 cases a week" means Arrow is really busy dealing with these "cases" - of which maybe Laura is one - and she will need to get on the list or an appointment, should an opening appear.

    And too - what a great picture - Arrow has it made!

  2. Reading the caption, I was waiting for the biting sarcasm, the thump of disdain, something...my tiny hoomin brain kinda short-circuited for a second while pondering the notion that perhaps this bunny was actually *approving* of his hoomin's treat. Then I realized that Laura was simply experiencing some delusions of grandeur. Arrow is not really approving anything, but is issuing a stern warning about the (totally adorable, by the way!) bandana...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  3. Congratulations on pleasing Arrow with this offering of flowers.

  4. I am Arrow's slave, and for just a tiny moment, I thought that he was pleased with my humble chamomile gift... I might never know.

    1. Oh, Laura, have faith, believe, keep hope alive. This is something all of us really need from you. Trust yourself. That cute little bunn bunn of yours just has to be approving.

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