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Thursday, October 15, 2015


You got this at the market, didn't you? This is not home grown, is it now?

- Thank you Sarah!

PS: See more of Max, Libby, & Davy on Instagram ( no sign up required to view them) at https://instagram.com/buenobunnies/


Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

It is never a good idea to try to fool a bunny, Sarah, and unless you live way, way out in desolate countryside, you have behaved irresponsibly towards your neighbors, as well. Forgive me, we have probably all thought of just dashing into a market on the way home from the tar pits, but so far no one I've known has been so far gone as to actually do it. Well, on the subject of gone, there is a lovely chapel nearby and candles will be lit even though it flies in the face of my attempts to lessen my carbon footprint. Why, Sarah, why? It all seems so unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of some hoomins; is it at least an organic strawberry?!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

RG said...

Libby is one of those climate change activists!

sallyneary said...

Libby seems like a nice rabbit. Surely she deserves home-grown fruits. Perhaps you can build a greenhouse and learn proper horticulture techniques.