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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mr. Bun says he will not be bribed ...

Are these organic?!? 
You really think you can bribe me into liking this, don't you? And the phone cam isn't that great, is it? Serves you right!

- Mr. Bun


  1. Well, he is for sure going to eat those berries, RG. But, is Ijon going to get anything out of it? Other than the joy of seeing his bunny boy joyfully delve into some yummy berries that are, of course, organic, since we are all trying to save the Earth for bunnies and all livingness. RG, there are a bunch of wackos down here who where T-shirts that say "no where else but Austin," and other crazy stuff, and yet I have not found the bagels, and I've already told the bunnies that you said they exist and are good. Was I being set-up. I do know humans can be set-up.

  2. On the subject of wackos - where was supposed to be wear.

  3. Mr. Bun, I'm just not convinced; you're clearly trying to *look* unimpressed, but is that a glint of excitement and, dare I say, gratitude in your eye?
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

    1. Jen, I admire your optimism and bright, sunny take on Mr. Bun, but to expand Peter, Paul, and Mary's take on things, "They mean exactly what they look."

  4. I tried two or three Austin TX zip codes and could not find a store selling Thomas Bagels ... Pooey. (Somebody down that way must make a pumpkin-spice bagel for the season. Maybe get a triple-latte Starbuck Pumpkin-Spice whatchamacallit and dip bread in there. The bunns will love it!))

  5. fancy that about the bagel situation in Austin,disgraceful,xx Rachel

  6. Rachel and RG, I can't tell you what it means to the bunns and me that you have taken an interest in our plight.