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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mikey - TGIF Binky!

TGIF is for me, for you it's bun chores and 2 days till M*nd*y!

- Thank you Gabrielle!


  1. Nothing is going to mitigate the joy I am feeling at seeing those binkies. Sorry, Mikey, bunny chores may break my bones, but bunny binkies heal my soul.

  2. you're so right Jane that they do!,xx Rachel

  3. YEs they do - so now I am re-envigorated and ready to trudge into the Bleak End and prepare for M*nd*Y ...

  4. You're right about extra BunChores for us hoomins at the weekend, Mikey!

    Even I, sadly not owned by anybun, will (hopefully) be doing a few light BunChores for the shelter bunnies, providing nothing goes wrong before then.

    I Disapprove Of M*nd*ys. Have I mentioned that before? Not sure now. Oh well. I do, anyway.

    Hoppy Binkying, Mikey! Remember to keep your hoomins busy!

  5. This is my very favorite sort of hip hop!

  6. You know what, Mikey? You have inspired me; you look so happy bouncing around, I'm going to head out to the backyard and binky just as soon as I get the opportunity. I'll just have to make sure nobunny is around, lest they laugh at my pathetic attempts and then report me to the men in the white coats...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)