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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mighty Acorn

It's comfy and I'm not sure if I want to keep it for myself, or to keep it warm for you.
That raspberrini would help me to think it over.

- Thank you Rick!


  1. There is some really beautiful bunny art work in this picture, but what is that bloodhound doing beside it?

  2. Of course, I should be overwhelmed by the glare of the mushroom cloud of disapproval here, but Mighty Acorn is just so dern cute, I can only seem to focus on that velvety fur.
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  3. If "great oaks from little acorns grow", then what the hell does a MIGHTY Acorn grow into?! :-O

    (I mean apart from a Really Serious Disapprover.)

    Is it too late to appease Acorn? Or are we doomed to wail and gnash our teeth in The Place Of Disapproval for eternity?

    1. Love all of your comments! Early on Acorn informed us that he was "small but mighty". The acorn part is probably obvious: gray on top, brown on the bottom. This guy is a bundle of mischief. He likes to poop where he pleases and water the carpet to watch it grow.

    2. Well, he does have growing on his mind then. At least you didn't name him Old MacDonald.

    3. And I forgot to mention, he also like to go up steps 3 at a time...

  4. Uh, Fleetie, I am going with "doomed." Yes, "doomed" would be the word.

  5. I have one thing to say .....Bring it on Mighty Acorn I love a bundle of mischief,xx Rachel