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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mr. Bun says don't even think about it...

... unless there's a carrotini and head rubs coming with that brush.

Mr. Bun


  1. Dear Mr. Bun, I believe all media personalities should keep their audiences up to date with new terminology or slang or the "in patois" or whatever you all over there call it. So about this word, "think." It doesn't sound like something we'd do, but please tell us what it means before you forbid us to do it. I don't believe anyone among your followers truly wants to make a mistake if one can be avoided.

  2. Now Mister Bun,what makes you think you are any different to Speedy,He gets a brush most days and you're looking scruffy around the edges.How do you expect to catch the eye of all those pretty lady bunnies looking like that?No Its high time for some Grooming young man!I'll be around shortly via Speedy's Magic closet,xx Rachel

  3. Dumb me - trying to "think" made me "think" Mr. Bun was referring to M*nd*y .... I better go back to chores.

  4. Can't...resist...picking...loose fur. Oh no!