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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Binky Free, Camilla, and Melvin

Camilla Melvin Camilla Melvin Camilla Melvin Camila
Good Evening, Everybun!
We would like to take a moment and extend our belated condolences to Mellissa for the passing of Camilla and Melvin several weeks ago. Time caught up with Camilla, and Melvin wasn't able to fight off an illness.
Like every difficult loss, it feels present, ongoing. And bun wishes to do something for them, to keep doing something for them because, in a way, they never leave. They were both rescues, and like all rescues, they kept saving and rescuing us, bunday at a time.
Melvin and Camilla lived far from La Florida, just about on a different planet, in Newfoundland. Yet we thought of them as old friends that lived next door. We can't remember when we first met - probably back when hay was first invented.
We miss Camilla and Melvin dearly, and we keep their hoomins in our thoughts. Thank you for sharing your time and space with us - the hearts you stole are yours forever.
- Charlie, Gus, Espresso, and our hoomins.
PS: You can still follow their siblings at https://www.facebook.com/collectedmomentsbunnies/

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