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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bunday Evening Thumps

Good Evening, Everybunny!

The Great Together Salaaaad. It happened. It happened this morning, about breakfast time. It started well, but then again, it always stats well. Espresso esplored the "new territory," he marked the territory, enjoyed a raspberry or two, and was generally in a good mood. Gus was cordial. Everybun enjoyed the greens, and everybun had a hidy place if they needed one. I think Espresso tried to make friends with Gus. At one point they were almost nose to nose.

And that's when Gus, yes - Gus, lost his nerve. Maybe he didn't trust the Murderist. For some reason, Gus decided that offense was the best defense - just in case. He slapped down Espresso's nose with both paws and ran off into his bundo.

So we all wonder now - is Gus the tough guy? Everybun's patience started to wear thin after that, and our together time came to a close.

We'll keep trying, and we'll keep you posted,
- Charlie

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