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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sven and Dusty

You know the routine, hoomin. Raspberrini - and make it snappeh!

- Thank you, Abe!

PS: Abe says, "This is my bunny, Sven and this is my parents’ dog, Dusty. Dusty is in the kitchen and Sven is in the living room, but Dusty is always scared of Sven! When Sven hops around and gets close to Dusty, she always tries to get away from him.😏😂 Sometimes I bring my bunny over my parents’ house and Dusty is always scared of Sven and always keeps away from him."


RG said...

Sven looks to be a "stand up and be counted" bunny - so yes Dusty - be scared and go chase down the hoomin to make the Rasperrini ...

sallyneary said...

The dog cannot withstand the force of disapproval that surrounds the rabbit, but maybe with time, or clever use of treats, you can improve this.