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Friday, February 17, 2017

Princess Rubi with Olivia and Kooma

Dear Mr. Bun,

My name is Rubi, and I'm a 9-month old Blanc de Hotot living in Puerto Rico.
I'm writing to complain because I'm being forced to share my room and food bowl with two peasant house rabbits. You see, I'm a Princess, and I strongly disapprove of my current living conditions. If you could please tell my mommy to build me my own castle hutch (preferably in pink), I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

Sincerely disapproving,



Dear Rubi,

We can see your struggle and we couldn't agree more. Keep up the pressure on your hoomin, eventually, she'll cave in. Try to enlist Olivia and Kooma to help your efforts. Swallow a little bit of pride and let them swallow some of your raspberries (try to chew first, though). Make a deal with them and demand a bigger castle, one fit for all three of you. Please, keep us posted!

- Ijon and all the buns.

- Thank you, Isandra!


Anonymous said...

What a compelling story. Princess, keep working towards that dream castle. You can do it ! Perhaps Olivia and Kooma could occupy a room in the lower floor of the castle. ken&kaci

Fleetie said...

Princess Rubi? 🐰

I think maybe you should be teaming up with Olivia and Kooma, to get your hoomin trained and obedient, not complaining about them!

All bunnehs together!

Good luck, all of you!

❤️ 🐰 🐰 🐰 ❤️

sallyneary said...

I'm no expert, but isn't it the usual practice to give a Thoroughbred horse a companion of a more common breed, as a sort of calming influence? Perhaps your people are following this practice. Still, you should have your castle in whatever size and color you prefer.