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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bunfiction Update

Hello Everybun!
The deeper we went into this week's installment of the X-Plus Bun - Retrofire series, the more intricate the story became. It didn't take long to fall behind the schedule altogether.
Penny & Ava
Mr. Toes and his two companions can smell the return home. They are so close. But, they have to be careful and can't afford to rush anything.
Penny & Ava
We can only empathize with them, and it would be unacceptable to treat their predicament with anything less than the utmost diligence that their situation demands. After all, Mr. Toes, Hopper, and Mel are lost somewhere in space-time, and their mission is not going to fail because of anything we do!
On top of all that, we run out of time to get any artwork done.
The good news is, we expect to be back on track next week. We hope that you'll stay tuned, and we thank you for your patience!

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