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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sir Oliver FitzWilliam Von Boopington, Esquire

So, what happens when we run out of nanners? You get... THIS face. The sass to end all sasses. "Essscuuuuse me? You wanna back up and say that again? Didn't think so."

- Thank you Molly and Sean!


  1. By the time I spit that name out, the poor bunn would be prostrate with hunger. I guess just feed first, then communicate.

  2. Gasp! Surely this is all hypothetical (what happens IF we run out of nanners), and he is only upset because you think this is his best "sass?" All bunnies know that one of life's joys is knowing you can always get better and better.

  3. The outrage - no nanners?! Best not to incur the wrath (or sass) of a Dutchie, especially when they have such impressive titles and stuff...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  4. Say - wasn't that last bunny Ollie? Is Ollie the new Bun-Bun?

  5. Wow, Ollie's full name is Oliver Wendell Thumper.


  6. No time for comments--get to the grocery store!