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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Today I won't even look at you. I'm just curious to see what you'll come up with on your own.

- Thank you Chris!


  1. Wen the Bunn looks away, the Hoomins will play! OUCH! Pipkin! No fair. You peeked. I'm telling Mom!

  2. Pipkin, I am really glad to hear you are a little peeking cheater with no moral compass, because you really CAN'T let them run around unwatched. They have a curious way of quelling curiosity.

  3. *too overwhelmed by cuteness to have or type coherent thought* Apologies, Pipkin, did you say something?
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  4. Alas, sooner or later this little bunn-bunn is going to have a real eye-opening experience.

  5. Pipkin, you look like a wise and tolerant ruler : ) the desert warren

  6. Good thing I am not Pipkin's person, because I would have to wear myself out trying to gain his approval so he would look at me, although the not looking look is extremely cute.