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Thursday, June 25, 2015


You know, if you fetch enough treats, I might forget everything.

- Thank you Gabrielle!

PS: Let's send some good vibes to Pedro, we found out she is recovering from a sore.


  1. "Vote for Pedro."
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  2. Oh, to have a house so clean that I could photograph the back of the toilet area...

    Pedro you are cute as can be, even with your troubles. Please come out and forgive Gabrielle if she provides adequate treats.

  3. I am so sorry I can't do the Facebook thing. I would follow this little one anywhere. Get better and better, Pedro, and no getting sick ever, ever again. Gabrielle, thank you for taking such good care of Pedro and providing him with such a good home, unfortunately to err (annoy bunny in any way, even for his own good) is human, but to forgive is not necessarily bunny. I wish my house could be that tidy, too.

  4. Hey hoomin! You use the toilet for your purposes (and FYI, ewwww!) and I'll use it for mine. Clear off!