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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mr. Bun update

We had a little change for the better this week. We changed how I get my baf. Towel in the sink, about 3 inches of lukewarm water and a bit of TheraNeem shampoo. Container of clean water next to it for rinse.

Hoomin holds me up in the baf till any messy stuff comes off, urine stains clear out. Then I get a rinse dip and off we go to dry. Of course I try to spring out couple of times just to make sure he's paying attention. .... soma***ch does, never lets me get away.

Drying is kind of nice. I sit and rest mostly. My heart rate comes down and I get ALL the head rubs. And ALL the cheek rubs. Then, vaseline goes on my good foot, Calendula cream on all the parts that lost hair. I get baby starch powder too.

So at the moment hairless parts are looking pretty good. No signs of trouble there. My good foot is still the most worrying spot, but it's holding up.

I'll be off to the vet first thing Tuesday morning to get my teeth checked and trimmed if needed. Doc will also check if flush through my tear ducts will help. I didn't like it last time it happened (over a year ago),  but I did really well after that for a long time.

I also have some new pee pads coming from the North Shore company. Supposedly some really nice, premium stuff suitable for hoomins. Very high absorbency and air permeable. We'll keep you posted.

- Mr. Bun


Fleetie said...

Well done, Mr. Bun! Keep getting better! And keep Disapproving! Even though your hoomin is doing it because he loves you, a rabbit has a duty to Disapprove sometimes!

And well done to your hoomin, for being so devoted to you, and so determined to make you be healthy and happy!

Little Miss Titch said...

that is good to hear Mr Bun,nice little steps in the right direction,keep on getting better,xx Rachel and Speedy

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Everything that Fleetie and Rachel said, and an extra thank you for taking the time to share the ups and downs of this treatment, Mr. Bun. Nothing is ever going to make me anything but very sorry you are going through this, but we are really learning some stuff that could help another bunn.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

While, it is great to hear from Fleetie, we have come to expect a "snappeh" out of him. Any way, I can do it today. Get well, Mr. Bun, and make it snappeh!

Fleetie, I keep coming across information about bunnies in ancient Egypt. Hermopolis, the 15th nome, was the nome of the Hare, identified with the god Thoth, hence the Greek name for the city. It has been suggested that bunns like baboons come out in the pre-dawn and stay to make sure the sun rises. The goddess's name is called Wenet. If you have forgotten what this is all about, you once said that there didn't seem to be much about bunnies in the ancient Egyptian record. Ever since then, I have had the good fortune to stumble across some stuff - Unas, the first Pharaoh to have the Pyramid Texts carved inside his tomb chamber, has a name that begins with a rabbit sign - u for Unas or w for Wenis, as one sometimes sees. Anyway, there is a bunch of neat stuff out there. Thank you for raising the question.

Fleetie said...

Auntie Jane: You seem to be getting to grips with the lore, and etymology of bunnies in Egyptian culture. This is to be Approved Of!

As for "Make it snappeh!", I agree that it is often a useful phrase, especially for "motivating" hoomins in the context of BunChores and bun-feeding!

Recently, the phrase has been taken up on Facebook by the hoomin of Mister / Mis(s)ter , the Texas wild cottontail rabbit (who is a doe, not a buck, despite her name!).

Anonymous said...

Tomasz Thank You for taking such good care of Mr Bun . He will be expecting such a high level of care and feeding in the future, as well : ) Good Day to you both ! Ken & Kaci parents to the desert warren

sallyneary said...

Good to hear that Mr. Bun is doing well, and to see close-ups of nomming.