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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Just one? Just one l**sy truckload of nutribearries?!? Sure. ... let's play 'hungry bunzilla' again, shall we?

- Thank you Stephanie!


RG said...

I have always understood that the most enterprising, forward thinking, creative companies use something called "Focus Groups" to help them be sure their new business ideas are sound and accepted before unleashing them on the whole world.

I think the Google "Yellow Drone Driverless Delivery" idea just got "Focused'!

Little Miss Titch said...

or we could just send Speedy in for a speedy delivery?Just an idea RG,xx Rachel

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Olivia is so little, but she is just terrifying. It makes me so proud.

Anonymous said...

Poor, Olivia. It's so awkward to receive gifts that are too small. Send it back for the deluxe version, sweetie!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)