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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Can you see Friday from there yet? I can smell a faint scent of it here, I can almost make it out. It's getting powerful enough to break through.... you know, you!

- Thank you Lizzy!


  1. Oh oh - it is an eclipse of the bun. Be sure to wear extra dark glasses and peep through a pin hole only.

  2. RG, the question now is, what's the probability that it would do any good? ;-)

  3. From the shadows of disapproval...

  4. So true, Ijon; although RG gives us sage advice and warning, it's likely that Bunny Glare is far more dangerous than light from the sun. Perhaps Bunlar panels should be invented - rabbit slaves could be given a device that collects disapproval that is then connected to the electrical panel of their house, and entire cities could be powered on bunny fury?
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)

  5. I think I see the darkness at the end of the tunnel. Ijon, I would like to check with our theoretical mathematician, RG, on this, but I was always given to understand that nothing has a probability of zero or one. Now if little Alma could bust open the doors of our current understanding of probability by demonstrating that there is zero probability, mathematics would really having some scuttling to do.