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Monday, March 23, 2015


Hmmmm...., if you can't turn M*nd*y into pre-Tuesday, then what good are you?!? I mean, really, tell me.

- Thank you Mango!

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  1. Well Mango - (hee hee) - excuse me, you see I - (Ha Ha) - well, er, I guess ... Oh heck - if I could just pick those wisps of hay from that beautiful fur maybe I could better answer your question. Or not ...

  2. Holy Fluffbubble, Batman! It's a tribble with ears!
    Oh, what a gorgeous tribble you are, Mango.

  3. I guess we all could do without Mondays,xx Rachel

  4. Why don't I look this cute at breakfast on M*nd*ys? (or any other day for that matter?) *sigh* Oh, well, back to carefully dodging the mirror; guess I don't have to be cute to work in the tar pits...
    -Jen (Kohl's mom)