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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Don't you worry, hoomin. How much disapproval do you need today?

- Thank you Cara!


Mufasa is from feline/rabbit rescue in Nebraska, "Cara's Animal House".

Cara says "We have 49 cats and 28 buns in our care now. We rescue, foster, and do adoptions. We are also a sanctuary for any that do not find a permanent home. After researching, I believe we are the only companion rabbit rescue in Nebraska. 

It is tough, but slowly we are spreading the word about rabbits. So many people just do not understand them. A lot of the calls we get are from rabbits that used to be 4-H show rabbits and no longer serve their "purpose" or from parents of children who just "lost interest". And then we have our farm stores, which sell them for $10 to anyone who walks in the door. 

Never ending battle, but we will be their voice and we will continue to fight for them. We just love your page and love all the stories that you post. We got to know you from Dolly's page. What amazing people her parents are. We still miss her, as everyone does I am sure."

This is their rescue page on FB. They are working on a stand alone website and their very own logo.


Little Miss Titch said...

The force is strong in this one,xx Rachel

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

I am sorry I have not been able to tip my hat to all the fabulous bunnehs who have graced us the last few days, but the guy and I caught something. We don't know what, but the chief symptom is that, when you are not coughing up internal organs, you feel like death warmed over, except for the warmed over part. Anyway, Cara, I just want to thank you for what you've gotten going. I wish I knew more about the 4-H rabbits. I thought they were being raised for meat and the ones we got in our shelter were from those people who didn't want to see the rabbits they raised killed. I also heard the children were paid $400 dollars for just competing. Thank you again, Cara. I love your spirit. Jane

sallyneary said...

There is enough disapproval in that tiny face to power all the farms in Nebraska!
Good for Cara, champion of cats and rabbits!

sallyneary said...

I certainly hope you were able to keep up standards in bun service while you were ill. Why should they suffer for your faulty human immune system?

RG said...

Our Thanks too Cara .. we have been able to stop quite a few of the pet store/farm store bunny sales, but the breeders find markets somehow. Keep up the fight.

I see that glow. Somewhere there is a knob that turns one way to dim it and the other to crank it way up. I fear the worse.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

Sorry, Sally, I couldn't get my tablet to place this under your comment. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you weren't pacing the floor tonight over the plight of the bunns. Texans wouldn't have any standards at all if it weren't for the ones the bunnies enforce. We are mighty proud of them. Take that Mississippi.